Relative reality

This is kinda cool; this new-ish phonus mobilus I have in my possession and rarely use (and was glad to have kept in the repair shop for 3 weeks), well, it takes photos like most phones, only to discover to my amazement that I can publish these photos onto a "blog"! Well, the blog is a 'mobile blog' and I've claimed that as a second blog, called 'Cellphone Camera Photo Dumpsite', to remain anonymous! ;) It's incredibly handy as I don't have to sport my camera everywhere I go; so when I'm moved to, I snap a photo on the mobile phone, and send it immediately to the b(l)og. At which point, on my computer, I save the photos onto my hard drive, and resurrect them if I wish to publish them, such as the photo above. The pixilation is fairly basic, but it's good enough for a technology semi-luddite like me.

Yep, the wonders of modern technology...

The photo was taken on the footbridge over Anzac Parade Maroubra at 7:30pm tonight, facing westward. It was a glorious late-afternoon and sunset.

Mr Survival Acres was calmer today, more reflective. He posted some words that were gladdening to read. I think he's a great human being and I'd like to meet him although of course that's not about to happen...

"This is YOUR life, live it the best you can according to you own personal code of ethics. Your decisions belong to you, they must be actualized and embraced as being yours alone...

...Finally, there are “gems” worth living by found in art, poetry, the written word and self-reflection. Call it what you will, spirituality, meditation or hidden truths, these things are freely available to anyone and can have a deep impact upon your life. They are in reality far more effective at changing lives then anything else, because they deal with the profound and penetrate to the very core of our existence (consciousness)."

I won't be quoting anymore of his stuff unless I'm absolutely moved to. You get the drift. But his work is worth following. It's better to be informed, if not prepared, because if bad stuff starts dripping down fast, the shock for us may be lessened (and 'lessoned'). And if, hopefully, if indeed it is to be carry-on world for a long time longer, then nothing remains lost in having been forewarned regardless of external circumstance.

But it makes me realise more and more how paper-thin this edifice of modern civilisation really is. It is often termed a "relative reality". Relative to what? Relative to truth, consciousness, the eternality of conscious presence, life, love. Modern civilisation is merely a projection of humanity's drive for progress, obviously. As within, so without.

And it can disappear any moment, and it will disappear for the one absolute brick-wall fact, that we die. And when that moment comes, at any given moment, ie, the moment 'given' by life, the world as we know it is finished. The banks, the stockmarkets, the friends, the people we most love, the guitars, the books, the computers....everything, is over. This is for certain. This places those objects and figures which we leave behind into nothing more than passing leaves in our purview, blown by for some brief moment, or moments, to inevitably vanish from sight with the passing of mechanical time.

The saviour is, if we are to accept the spiritualists, we are all connected and unified in consciousness. It is consciousness, life, being, God, that is responsible for our beating hearts, and that which sustains our bodies and living lives. And the flavour or fragrance of pure consciousness is love, divine love.

I have tapped into this, albeit for successive, brief moments over the span of many years. I've yet to encounter tantra and take Woman on divinely. Perhaps my next lover shall be a divine affair, I'll leave that to life. Within, within. I can't see where else to go. It seems as though the sky is closing in on us.

At this stage of evolution humanity is at the apex of its robotic, projective consciousness. We have gone "out" and attempted to find fulfillment outside of ourselves instead of divining our cosmic potential within to create a marvellous, purposeful existence on this planet Earth. We, as a whole, live mechanically, in fear of death, in fear of love. The planet is in ecological distress, she has been sorely mistreated.
But it's nothing that won't be cleaned up..


veleska1970 said…
very lovely sunset photo. that camera works quite well!! you'll have to put the link up for that "dump site". i'd love to see more.

also, does mr. survival acres have a website? i'd love to read more of his works. this one that you posted today has a special resonance for me at this moment in my life. go read my blog for today and you'll see what i mean.

Ross, I'm a bit spooked by your post today. I had this whole post in my head that is in some aspects similar to what you just wrote.
In addition to that, the chapter I'm up to in Tao of Equus deals with death, the spirit, self vs I, God, love, etc. In essence, what you've discussed here.

Telepathy perhaps? The universal memory? Or simply a sign of the times that us folk with Divine Noetic Antenna have tuned into...?

And BTW, the power of woman is another subject I planned to write about ;)
ross b said…
hey Veleska, that website is I've just looked through it now and there are lots of random photos of trees (1 taken from my car;), performers & dogs, plus city-scape images. I'm amazed at how technology works, having said that I'm very happy to be able to snap simple shots and publish them immediately.

Survival acres blog is at I find his blogs illuminating, and I like his style even though he's quite over-zealous at times. He's fundamentally very communicative and engaging. He's somewhere in an undisclosed location in the USA.

Mary, perhaps many of us are feeling precisely the same way, we move in interesting times!

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