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boxing daze

There is movement all around me. Movement, perennial movement. I'm dreaming of boxes these days. There is movement at work, movement with me, movement with my friends. Last week I helped a friend move into a small pad up in some tucked away pocket in the north shore. Another close friend is sniffing around for another living abode and I'd delivered boxes to her from my workplace two weeks ago. It could be something in the stars. These two women are Scorpios (with a capital 's') whose birthdays are very close. I'm looking at the prospect of buying a place. It will make me a '1st home buyer'. It's difficult to overlook the allure of "buying" when the bank is offering me the world in dollar-value, given that I have some savings, and plus I've received a recent bump-up in pay. I'm thinking of different suburbs all the time. Sometimes Stanmore, then Kensington or Maroubra, but Eastlakes is good value too.
So that's more b…

Songwriters Day @ Darling Harbour

Saturday 21 November was Songwriters Day at Darling Harbour, Sydney. The event is hosted annually by the Darling Harbour Authority for Australian Music Week, and organised and co-hosted by the SSA, the Songwriting Society of Australia. Of this purely volunteer organisation, it is Ken Stewart of the band Urban Guerillas who does the lion's share of the organising and groundwork, so that's a terrific effort Ken!

There's been a heatwave over Sydney during the past three days, and even though temperatures didn't reach quite as high as anticipated on Saturday, it was nonetheless pretty damn hot. It was clammy and humid with no refreshing breeze, but thankfully the event was on the Saturday rather than on the Sunday as the Sunday had become very hot indeed. People came and performed and put on a good show despite the heat, and the sound quality was good, so all were happy with that.

This is Pete Scully, president of the Society. He does good work liaising with other song…


Today's the day I bussed up to the Prince of Wales outpatient clinic to collect the results of last week's blood test. I had to make an appointment at the clinic to collect and consult with the medico. It's been 9 months since I last had a blood test, and preceding that test by 3 months was a previous test. The star figure, the number in question in all my blood readings, is my HbA1c.

Today's was 7.2.

In Nov 2008 it was 7.3. I improved it down to 6.6 by February 2009. Now it's climbed back up. In short, the HbA1c measures the amount of glucose present in hemoglobin over a period of about 10-12 weeks. It's a fairly good indicator of how one's at with diabetes control, in measuring the average amount of glucose in the bloodstream over a period of three months.

And my control ain't disastrous, but it does need improving. Otherwise they're gonna force the meds back on me and this time around I won't be in a position to turn the other cheek and …

Eva Cassidy's America

Canberra, May 2002
I haven't been motivated to read or write much over the past two weeks. I suppose I needed a break from it all, just give my head a rest from it. I've enjoyed that liberated sensation of vacuousness, a clear head. But invariably I'm drawn back to the computer, to chow down another set of whimsical musings, or otherwise. Even though I've just downed half a bottle of wine! *burb*
Last Tuesday night I had an urge to simply lie down and pull out some Eva Cassidy CDs. Eva Cassidy's songs are always around me and yet I hadn't actually listened to the CDs themselves for quite a while. I suppose I'm falling into the mp3 pit that seems to be the happening place listening-wise these days. Eva Cassidy sounds perfect on CD, and I think CD suits her better than the hypothetic vinyl. Eva doesn't require the warm, chocolately analogue grooves such as would suit a Janis Joplin - the more metallic flavour of compact disc somehow suits Eva's …