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painkiller gig 22 dec

Painkiller gig last Monday night, 22 Dec 2008, Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst.

I went along to the gig with the same friend I first went to see the Church with in Dec 1987, exactly 21 years ago, when Under the Milky Way was first performed. What has happened to us in 21 years?? Well, he has two children and a business that keeps him mightily busy while I'm childless and footloose and work in a library and make music in my spare time.

...I really don't wish to give up my music. I attribute my latter-day confidence and sanity to music, and the relationship that music has had with me over all of these years.

This was Steve Kilbey's 2nd Painkiller gig, the first gig having been at the same venue on 10 September this year. On 10 September I came in on my own at around 10pm and was upset because a close friend had been crying on the phone to me. Hearing those songs for the first time in the delicate state I was in had a seismic effect on me, I latched onto the sound and p…

harold pinter died today...

harold pinter died today. i was saddened by the news as i am when any playwright dies. at work we always put up a display when a playwright passes away. we do the same with famous actors though i'm more intrigued by the playwrights. i often stare at the displayed dates of birth and death and think about their lives and feel how sad it is they have died after all the creative effort and work they've put into making theatre that is immensely satisfying to them and to their audience.

i haven't seen a pinter play. there was 1 or 2 put on at drama school in my time but i didn't go for whatever reason. i read a recent pinter treatise on propaganda and the iraq war. i was impressed by the power of reason, the persuasive language and authority and passion the man poured through his pen onto paper (or keypad onto screen). i'd like to see a pinter play now the man has passed. all those classics with titles like the caretaker, or the birthday party. i like that, the …

First Time Ever I Saw The Church

First time ever I saw the Church
was back in December of 1987
21 years ago or so today
at the Tivoli in Sydney
I was 17
in October 1987i finished my last exam for school
and took to bed for a month
when I awoke I tumbled out of bed i turned on the tv
it was 1987 = MTV
as I was rubbing my eyes onto a brave new world
this song came on
captivating chords and lyrics
i was hooked immediately
it was from a band i liked very much
a band i would in time grow to love and adore
the film clip was shot in NYC
and not the usual forests around canberra
or unused lots around sydney
the song opened up a whole new world for me
and continues to do so
for after having walked from the narrow confines of school life
this song symbolised new dimensions
new experiences
and a totally new direction
and it continues to do so
to this very day

at the Tivoli
the church were resplendent in classic 80's format
ploogy was on drums
the band appeared young and freshfaced
I stood near to the front on Marty's side
they started …

Don Walker's Blues

(posted on myspace)

I've posted a new song on MySpace...well, the song's not so new but it's a new addition for the 'space' anyway. Don Walker's Blues recorded by the band some five years ago. I play piano and sing lead vocal. Gav plays electric lead guitar, Mark w. plays bass and Pete Thompson's on drums. I've aped the style of Don Walker for this pithy dedication, Don being one of my biggest musical influences. The song came to my head one winter's night in 1993 as I was waiting for a connecting bus at Central. The song was completed soon after. I gave a copy to Don on tape after a Catfish concert. Don was also pleased by a very, very complimentary retrospective review I did of Cold Chisel's first album back in 1999. This is what he emailed to his publishers:

">Dear Jimi, Could you let Ross B_______ know that Bob Aird, the head of Rondor Music who publish my songs, sent me a copy of his retrospective review of the first CC album. It was…

internal rain

I kind of can't believe it.  As we make our rapid ascent onto summer's alpine heights, the Dec 21 solstice, Christmas, and the promise of warm weather with long outstretched evenings of sun and uplift, we find our Staff xmas party has been dampeningly compromised by cool jacket-wearing weather and heavy rain.  
I had to wonder are we in Sydney or Seattle??
It was kind of a pity as it dampened my mood somewhat.  I enjoyed some nice conversations and talked to people I've otherwise not properly spoken to talk to at my fairground institution.  None of it truly sunk in.  I was left as uninspired as attempting to walk home in the pouring rain which I didn't do.  I had initially hoped to walk home, but that was not to be.
I had two wines, a light beer, and loads of water.  I chatted and flitted about.  The wine was cheap shit which I can sort of feel doing a number on my head right now.   Our hire-room was good.  It was held upstairs in the historical Randwick Ritz cinema, a ex…

fly me to the mac (aka, the dark side of the dell)

Monday night, 8 Dec

As a carry-on to last week’s spiritual spumante I am reminded of one spiritual precept that’s kind-of applicable to me right now. Any true spiritual precept or “rule” – there are rules but there are no rules – can only be true or real if it is the truth in one’s own experience, otherwise, it remains meaningless, and not true. This precept that I’m now about to dish out I believe to be relatively true, simply because it appears to be the truth in my experience. Here it is:

Any spiritual insights that have been truly realised, ie, movements into the body and the purity of consciousness within, the further deepening of true consciousness or insight into the vastness of things, produces the after-effect of loosening up the stored, past energies in the body to create circumstances that appear to “test” the newfound discoveries into the inner-realms of being.

“Tests” is sometimes said to be a misguided word, and is perhaps truer to suggest that the ‘past’ reveals itself in …

my internet is down

My internet is down ~ I shall explain another day. If there's time I may blog onto MSWord and spew forth the alphabet soup onto blogger via my wok computer. I should be up and running with broadband within a couple of weeks, hopefully.

I'll likely be using internet cafes during this period, such as this one in Charing Cross Waverley. Unfortunately I won't have the time to surf and read blogs as much as I'd like to. I hope to be up and running asap.

At the mo there's always MS Word, an old computer to dismantle and files to backup, books to read and ukuleles to strum.

Hectic crazy shmozzle ~ keywords for the day, for the week goneby actually.

Bernie Prior in Sydney

Tonight I walked over to the Living Essence Centre on Victoria Road in Bellevue Hill to attend a meeting with Bernie Prior. It was a lush early summer's night with warm air and healthy seabreeze. Here is a blurb on Bernie, and it very much worth checking out the website:

"Bernie Prior is a self-realised contemporary Master who is widely recognised as a true spiritual seer and powerful transformer of evolutionary consciousness in humanity.

He travels extensively urging audiences world-wide to “wake-up” to their true nature and purpose of evolving from the misperception of separation, toward an understanding and embodied experience of oneness and infinite expression."

Bernie's teaching is comprehensive and takes in tantra, ie, divine love and union between the male and female principles on Earth.

Bernie is pretty much what you'd call a Western Spiritual Master. He does not use Eastern terminology, he does not dress elaborately (quite casually in fact) and he addresses…

December descends

This morning's journey took me through a different route to that which I'm normally accustomed. I attended a Library software users meeting in the southern suburb of Kogarah. The meeting commenced at 10am and I arrived in the door at 10:10 with the casually-dressed and not too time-stressed delegates all chinned-up and chatting amiably with each other about their libraries. I'd parked my car in the next suburb, only because that was the nearest parking spot I could find with no parking restriction signposts. I walked briskly to my destination, walking around in circles hoping to locate the venue, that it'll simply land in front of my feet. I'm not very good with maps, I usually just take a quick glance at them and hope for the best. I walk into a large bank to ask for directions. Finally as I raced into my meeting at 10:10 I darted immediately to the refreshment table where I replenished myself with cool water, following that with about about 3 or 4 cups of an avera…