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Photo Gallery: UNSW lower campus

Hiya! Here are some random photos of the Lower Campus @ the University of New South Wales, Kensington, Sydney Australia. The shots were taken during my lunch break, around 3pm, from drama school across the road on Anzac Parade. I decided on Wednesday I'd take my camera in the next day and shoot some afternoon cameos. The weather this week has been so sunny and yet delicately winter-soft in the afternoon. Needless to say I love lunch breaks on lovely days but hey, the rest of it, with district views, ain't too bad either! Enjoy!! Uni bar fence, trees, a stage and alfresco drinking! The walkway above leads onto Anzac Parade. Drama school is across the road from there. Notice the trees overhangin the walkway have shed all their leaves.

dream (22)

i bought a couple of albums on the weekend
and they were serious purchases too
one is Paul Weller's new album
22 dreams
and the other..
Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue
a remastered remixed repackaged rebookleted
re theworks double CD pack
for the new millennia
with bonus tracks added for extra tantalisemint
and a cd-rom pdf-file hidden somewhere in the swirly silver grooves
the bonus cd included in the pacific ocean blue toolkit
is of the unfinished Bambu album
...unfinished of course because Dennis was exhorting himself
on gigantean amounts of coke & booze
may he rest in peace
his was a gifted soul
a beach boy surfer and kick-arse rock'n'roll drummer
and arguably as gifted a composer as big brother bri

interestingly enough
as i listen to these albums
slowly carving rivers through my musical grey matter
they're actually quite alike in performance and style
Weller's album, 2008
Dennis Wilson's, 1977
it's very organic music
full of soul and flavour
gutsy immediate performan…

Song: Sea in June

I've posted a new recording of a song of mine called 'Sea in June' on MySpace; it will play first as you enter the website . 'Sea in June' has been recently re-recorded (its third incarnation!) featuring my dear friend Brigette on lead vocal. The song was recorded and engineered by Stewart Havill at his Sound Dog Recording Studios at Lane Cove in Sydney.

I haven't written a 'proper' song in a long while - mainly because I've moved and evolved onto other things both musically and creatively; songwriting doesn't interest me anymore though that can always change. This song, 'Sea in June', is my personal favourite of the songs I've written and the one piece I'm genuinely proud of. I like the other songs too though ‘Sea in June’ holds special credence for me. It's a gentle piece that pretty much sums up everything I ever want or need to say in two verses and chorus. Here are the lyrics to 'Sea in Ju…