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Creative writing course

Yesterday I signed up for the five-week Creative Writing Stage 1 course that's offered by the Sydney Writers' Centre in Rozelle. I'll be doing the course online which will save me having to travel to classes that I can't attend anyway because I work until 7pm everyday. The course starts on 6 April and finishes around mid-May, about the time when I commence long-service leave. Creative writing is not necessarily where I see myself going as a writer but I feel I need to stimulate or crack open some vestige of objective imagination within me if I wish to write the book that I'm hoping to get started by May. The book will likely be about myself really, vignettes of a life lived that hopefully I can coalesce into some quasi-meaningful tome, beat, scene. Until then I'll put myself through the levers of a five-week course and see what kind of fictional story I can concoct by horses-for-course's end. That said, I'm looking forward to doing this course an…

reeling in the world

Here's a quote from Survival Acres' most recent update:

"...exploitation, ownership and greed are root evils in humans that continue to plague mankind.

We’ve wrongly exalted these qualities as being the earmarks of “success”, when it is really among the worst kind of human behavior there is. We’ve created a world based upon competition instead of sharing, exploitation instead of nurturing, and false ideas of ownership and possession as means and measurements to provide meaning in life. Effectively, we are all forced to “compete” for everything, even those things that should still be free (the right to life, liberty and security, which includes food, water, shelter, clothing and housing).

We demean those that refuse these abominable lies, and exalt and praise those and even reward those who excel in it. Don’t believe it? Examine how we humans treat the “poor”, homeless, hungry, impoverished and needy. We are truly horrible when it comes to understanding what is really valuab…

Don Walker's discusses his book Shots @ Gleebooks, 11 March 2009

(To be published in the Songsmith)

On Wednesday 11 March I attended a book talk at Gleebooks on Glebe Point Road in Glebe. Don Walker, former Cold Chisel keyboard player and songwriter, was interviewed by published author James Bradley on his inaugural new book, Shots. I was delighted to attend and listen to Don discuss his book and how it came to be written. Don also elucidated on his relationship with Cold Chisel and on the craft of songwriting in general. It is accepted without question that Don Walker is one of Australia’s greatest songwriters, and for me to see and hear my hero talk to James Bradley at Gleebooks that night was a marvellous and thrilling experience, doubly so for the fact that prose writing is of increasing interest to me, so much so that I plan to write a book during my time off in May - July. This talk has certainly been an inspiration as far as my propitious endeavour is concerned.

Entry to the event was $10 and complimentary beer and wine was served. Unsurprisi…