tired intransit

I've been hit with a bug over these past couple of days. But I'm riding through it fine. I felt pretty ordinary getting up outta bed this morning (at 9am). Upon waking I mixed a half glass of sparkling mineral water with Noni juice. I added a teaspoon of calcium ascorbate, one of wheatgrass, and another of bitter melon. It's amazing how restoring a herbal concoction in beverage form can be for you; within two minutes I was zinging from the inside out, feeling that all that more refreshed and invigorated, and not so sick. However I need to get to bed soon, I'm very tired and I need to sleep off this virusy thingy.

I'm also moving out of here by the weekend. Perhaps the thought of that is also tiring me out a bit. I need to back up my computer in the not-unlikely event that it will fail me in transit (she's a delicate old beast is my 'puter). There's a lot I wish to write about, blog about, but I think I'm just gonna have to curb my addiction for a few days at least. Moving & recovering from the bug are my pressing prerogatives.

Congratulations to Barack Obama...now get out there and invest in renewal, clean energy!!!!!


Polydora said…
Oh, hope you feel better soon. It was an exciting, moving election night to say the least. My bubble was burst a only a little this morning at my local coffee shop when a gentleman behind me started bashing Al Franken, who lost in the MN senatorial race to a repub. I defended Mr. Franken saying he's far more than some former SNL comedian; he's brilliant, politically involved (has been for years!), and has a deep understanding of both domestic policy and foreign affairs. Essentially, I was saying, he's no dumby! And if Arnold can be governor then an ex-SNL comedian, far more intelligent and with better credentials, can be senator.

After this little debate, the guy went on derrogating an Italian's praise of American Democracy: 'With the election of Obama, it's good to see that the spirit of democracy is still alive in America' he paraphrases, adding "I don't need an Italian to tell me about democracy. I mean, how many times has Italy been conquered? Plus they're bunch of lazy f#cks! Sure they make good wine, but that's about all Italy is good for."

That was my morning. And in this red state we voted for banning unmmarried couples from adopting or fostering kids in this state. Now what? Where will all those kids needing good homes go? Marriage rates are down, down, down... get over it right wing fundamentalists. The American Family your dreaming of is a pipe dream - time to get real.

Off the soap box... love ya, Mr. Italiano! Wish you were there to hear it. I didn't bother telling the man I'm Italian or explain how hard my ancestors busted their asses and how hard we all work here and back in the homeland to this day. It would have been breath wasted; I might need that breath someday when I'm on my deathbed. Just not worth it.

p.s.: not checking for typos...
veleska1970 said…
hope you're feeling better soon. i had the flu last week and it's morphed into a bad cold. could be worse, i guess, in that it could have gone the other way and morphed into pneumonia.

feel better soon, ross.
Take it easy Ross and hope the cold gets better soon! It'll be lonely without my sole commentator ;)
ross b said…
Thank you for your comments. Veleska take care, I hope you feel better soon! I’m feeling much better today thank you. I blame the extremes of day-to-day temperatures we’ve been experiencing, plus the fact that term is over as of last week. My body has slumped into holiday mode. It’s not quite holiday time yet though! ;)

Yeah I would’ve loved to have been there to hear "I don't need an Italian to tell me about democracy. I mean, how many times has Italy been conquered? Plus they're bunch of lazy f#cks! Sure they make good wine, but that's about all Italy is good for." I would have collapsed to the ground in a laughing fit! No, obviously the man doesn’t know how hard the Italian community have worked to make homes for themselves in new lands such as USA or Australia. Down this end of town it was the Italian community who were sent to chop sugar cane by hand in North Queensland, and to work the irrigation at farming communities such as Griffith (and spraying copious amounts of dna-gyrating toxins over the land hence high rates of cancer and other diseases that purportedly get passed down through generations…). Perhaps this man should visit Italy to see how people really live, particularly Calabria where life isn’t always so pretty!

He forgot to say that Italians make a damn good plate of pasta!

Let’s hope it goes well with Obama.

Mary there’s always my work computer! :-0 ;)
Polydora said…
p.s.: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that new header photo. Nice!

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