One of my favourite bloggers is a guy who runs a storable food business in the USA, Survival Acres. His blog is flatly recognised to be the most doom-related blog on the net. I don't find him to be so much of a doomer myself, in fact I find his occassional steaminess & over-zealousness almost endearing, human. Sure he's uncompromising, but ultimately I reckon he's a great guy, a straight-shooter with a love of the planet and I immensely enjoy reading his rants, it makes me want to get out there and do something to save the planet.

But I often lose my zeal until the next time I visit the man's site. The arguments, his blogs, tend to linger with me though.

Here are some quotes from yesterday's post:

"McIsane is not only a stupid old man, he’s a dangerously stupid old man, and so is Sarah Palin, who has demonstrated a complete lack of intelligence and integrity that bears careful consideration.

A vote for McInsane is one step closer to a fundamentalist junta being run again on this country. If Palin ascends to the office of President because that “72 year old heartbeat” stops pumping, you can be SURE that this country will represent the 12th century by the end of Palin’s term."

speaking of his over-zealousness which I find almost perversely amusing:

"Keep your religious BULLSHIT to yourselves people, and keep it at home where it belongs in your private lives and keep it OUT of politics, and the world will be a much safer place as we deal with REALITY. Or do you REALLY want to return to the Dark Ages and the Inquisition? Need I remind you of the terrifying suffering inflicted by the religious DEMONS and FOOLS of those days as they tortured and maimed their way through entire continents of people? This is the path that America is on for the McInsane / Palin ticket and exactly what jihad (Christian or Muslim) represents.

But I have absolutely no love for Obama either...."

the man was steaming:

"...you still do not believe we are that close to collapse. Oh, but we are. We are far closer then most of you yet realize. The latest data shows that we are well under seven years now due to just one of many issues and that is oil decline. The latest data on the environmental declines is just as bad. But America holds it collective (drugged) breath (inhaling on smoke and dope no doubt) as it awaits the “results” of yet another rigged “voting” process.

Give me a break. We’ve already lost people. It’s already OVER. It’s a done deal, we lose, America loses, the world loses, we’ve got nothing but garbage and big interest to “vote” for, to appease us to NOT rebel and revolt or better yet, ABANDON this failed sham of a government and go learn to take care of ourselves as we will be absolutely forced to do so in just a couple of years at the most.

On Tuesday, I’m going to laugh my ass off at the stupid gyrations and hand-wringing that will undoubtedly be going on. The alleged “riots” that are supposed to happen (if either side “wins”) are already a total joke. Riot against what, exactly? You idiots who are claiming this, wake the hell up. YOU’VE ALREADY LOST. I’ve already long since accepted REALITY, I suggest all of you do too.

It’s time to GET WITH THE PROGRAM OF SAVING YOUR OWN SKIN. If you still think you can put your faith and trust into a lying self-serving government AGAIN - GO AHEAD, but I’m not getting in your boat - EVER. I know where this is leading, and I know what any politicians will do to get elected. Our local paper here demonstrates this is spades, they must think we are absolute IDIOTS to fall for their lies again and again and again (and most of us are).

We are still headed for all of the following: MARTIAL LAW, CIVIL WAR, NATIONALIZING, CONFISCATION OF ASSETS, EVEN RELIGIOUS INDOCTRINATION, FOOD SHORTAGES, RIOTS, BREAD LINES, MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT, HOMELESSNESS, BANK FAILURES, GAS LINES, ENERGY SHORTAGES AND WORLD WAR. Huge dislocations of the populations are also on the agenda, prison camps, work camps, debtor camps, and bio-regions (inhabitable regions due to envirionmental degradation including drought and massive food shortages)."

I remain calm, aloof from what's written. We'll just have to wait and see how events unfold although I obviously DON'T want us to be sliding down this direction. I eagerly await the results of the USA presidential election. We are moving, have moved, into incredibly volatile times where the rules that we've taken for granted over our living lives seem to now be jarring violently out of alignment, where the basic expectancies of food on the supermarket shelves, gas in the bowser, money in the bank and an equitable climate don't seem such a granted assurity anymore.


This has been a weekend of constant high cloud. We get that sort of thing around late-October/November. I hate it. I don't usually mind cloudy weather but not during mid-Spring as it's an awful stilted kind of cloud that hangs and doesn't go anywhere. Bright, cloudy, and irky. My mood was thus, ikky and uncertain. I'm gravitating towards spirit books again as I sense my rational self is coming to pieces a little. I observe the world and with each footstep I take I sense I'm walking into uncharted territory, away from my lifelong assumed expectations, and into something more brittle and in-your-face.

Part of me feels like a wisened, genteel adult, the southern-Italian gentleman as it were. The other part feels like a 3-year boy looking out at my world with a kind of perplexed astonishment, falling through and getting spun by all kinds of webs my innocence knows nothing about and would rather flee from, and avoid.

But this is reality, the blessed Earth at this moment, and the world we've devised. We have to be objective about it, and quite frankly the planet's a mess.

Within within. I read somewhere that as time speeds up and pressure of living escalates we have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transcend our personal selves and cross into the inner dimension of being, ie, being independent of form and body, but uses the body, such as that body typing these words now, or reading these words. By 'lifetime' I suppose I mean some sort of quadrant of immortality, a bunch of many living lives finding some sort of apex in this living life, on the Earth in the 21st century as we rally towards the end of the Mayan long-count, Dec 21, 2012.

Keep reading the daily newspapers. The worldly winds are hastening and the headlines will keep darting through.


And today I set up the p/a at the pub in Glebe. I was begrudging of this all week, something I wasn't looking forward to. But it was ok. It was fun. I played and sang well this time, in tune. All the acts were compliant. It was cruisy. Most of all, it was pleasant. The cloudy day didn't bother me so much in the pub.

We gotta keep the funtimes rolling.


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