Thursday, 30 June 2016

The 2 Caesars

Malcolm Turnbull is the re-Constituted Andrew Peacock of our generation of asper-ant Aussies.  Malcolm's a hell of a lot smarter than Andrew.  He's quick-witted, illumined, and not at all unlikable.  But he shares that same insouciant smarmy Liberal-ness of Peacock, albeit in a Sydney Point Piper kind of way, compared with Andrew's Melbourne Toorak-ness.  Malcolm is also monumentally narcissistic.  His narcissism is better-contained than Andrew's because he's so much more intelligent and channels his emperor tendencies into work and occupational achievement.  Peacock was a fop by comparison who could never rise above the criticisms foisted on him by the Labor opposition and by his own party (including his biggest enemy, little johnny howard).

Turnbull the name is a somewhat imperious one.  Even his head is shaped like some post-AD Roman emperor.  His brand of narcissism is shared with Bob Hawke's, who Paul Keating compared himself to as a "shrinking violet".  The two Caesars, Turnbull and Hawke.  Powerful, smart and capable, until their narcissism eventually parades them through the streets of political triumph as mere shells, rather than as collaborative and purposeful on-the-up politicians.  Time will tell how Turnbull develops as a Prime Minister if he is to be re-elected on 2 July, but chances are he will be the shell of Narcissus until broken down, suddenly, in one brittle blow.

The Liberals are pricks.  Best thing is for them to be voted, RIGHT OUT.

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