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The question that's most asked of me about my place of work is, 'do you meet heaps of famous actors there??'. Well, the answer to this is, no, not really. No one at work is on the lookout for famous people. And when they do turn up, as they invariably do from time to time, there's never anything to be overawed about. Mel Gibson came in once, surrounded by his minders, looking like the local plumber dressed in a nice shirt and tatty jeans. Many of our graduates who are now stalwarts, even celebrities, in the local or international scene are often seen strolling around. Sometimes they're doing workshops or are teaching a course, or giving a guest lecture. It's always nice to say hi to these celebrities and to anyone else for that matter. They're usually really cool people. I enjoy the people in the building, no matter who they are. This is what makes it a special job, and why I've lasted into my 15th year at the institution.
I even see Cold Chis…

groovus RSLius

from the balcony of the Newtown RSL, a few hours ago
For someone who's mostly perceived as gentle and calm ('sweet', even), I'm not one who's known to 'lose it', to 'blow my gasket' as it were. Happens very rarely at work (although they've been very few occasions). It's usually when I'm out gigging that I curiously metamorphose into a somewhat different creature, becoming like a lioness defending her cubs and territory.
This afternoon the band were specifically asked to do a set at the Newtown RSL in Enmore. They really wanted us there, to headline for an awards giving ceremony for a song competition. Now I usually have no input or involvement with song comps at all, but because we were asked to perform, and because a lot of mates were there, I said yes to it. The timing wasn't terrific as it's a warm sunny day. And being a Sunday afternoon, I would much rather have spent the time relaxing at home.
There were free beers o…

The 80s are back! Powerhouse Museum exhibition

Last Sunday, on what was a fitfully sultry, cloudy, murky, steamy day, we ventured into the Powerhouse Museum to see the 80s exhibition. We also walked through most of the museum afterward as well. We even got to see an extraordinary piano made out of glorious Tasmanian Huon pine (see below). Most of the photos that follow are taken from my cellphone.
Needless to say it was a thrilling and exciting exhibition. The 80s are firmly entrenched in my psyche, for I was aged 10-20 throughout the span of the decade. The 90s and beyond seem more like a spin-off of the 80s to me. I guess it was the time that I was absorbing a super amount of influence, and it's stayed with me since. Ah, the album wall! Memories abound! Notice that the "best" is tucked away in that bottom right corner of the photo there...
Sade's Diamond Life still holds a very special resonance for me.
Here I am, posing with my "lover(s)", as Sarah likes to call them (or him, sk!) What can I sa…

Taboos of city life

It's been a strange month of lone evaluation, mind heatwaves, comparisons and self-inflicted shortfalls, all of which were doing me harm. So I've ceased the death by a thousand cuts and have aligned by body and mind into some reasonable evaluation of my fundamentally good situation.
Work has been a significant backburner for this particular mood. Many times, as I gazed over the capital works and my team of student labourers knocking books and boxes and heavy shelves about, I felt that leaden, guttered feeling as you do when you're looking right up a 300 metre cliff, knowing you have no choice but to climb it, but resisting and wishing to take a swim in the stream behind instead. I had to also deal with new staff and orientation of new students, all of which has gone swimmingly well. And now, there are database reports due for the security system people, and submissions for new equipment & furniture too.
But hey, that's Monday's problem. Or Tuesday's..…