Saturday, 28 February 2009

Diamicron baby

I've posted a new song up on my MySpace page. It's not a new song verily, it's just that it's yet to find itself on my myspace jukebox. So here it is, from my album 'sea in june', Diamicron Baby.

I wish I'd called the album 'Diamicron Baby'. I just wished I'd stuck to my instincts and named it that. 'Sea in June' is too wimpy and is not quite indicative of the tone of the record. 'Diamicron Baby' is faraway a more powerful title than 'Sea in June' and I think a better statement to promote. I suppose the only problem I forsaw is that "Diamicron" is registered brand-name, for the sulponylurea family of drugs. Charming really.

Of all my songs many people like this one the best. I can see their point. It's powerful, vicious, emotive and visceral, and it's well recorded. I think this is my finest recording actually, I'm very proud of every aspect of it. I love the mix, the guitars, the way the vocal is slightly buried in the mix. The keyboard/organ in the background. And I did the damn lot, except for the drums, having left my engineer Stewart Havill to deal with those - although I produced those along with him. The only thing I would change is some of the vocals, the enunciation of the words, such as "sugar" at the beginning of the song, could have been better phrased. I've realised in hindear some backing vocals in the middle-section wouldn't have gone astray. Other than that I'd be pleased to say this is the best song I've recorded, it's turned out perfectly, or near-perfect, and that's good enough.

Musically the song owes a bit of debt to the Church, namely Under the Milky Way if you can hear it, and also to my mate Gav Fitzgerald whose chord progressions from his song 'Imperfections' I healthily borrowed in the verses - you could never tell though.

The song, ostensibly, is about illness. Though it's more reaching than that. It's about angst, or, the seismic subterranean emotions many of us live with tide in & tide out.


Sugar sugar lend me your velvet touch
lacerate me with your scalpel
i got the glucose rush

my nerves are bursting
sweet disharmony
i gotta fly for beer and water
to quench this murderous thirsting

i want you i need you
i want something soothing for my soul

with diamicron baby yeah!

sugar sugar how i long to be with you
in your luscious lethal grip
to drain every ounce of sweetness from you

holy water can't feel my feet
my body rattles like a bag of bones
riding high on death-kissed energy

i need you i crave you
i'll kill for some loving for my soul

with diamicron baby yeah!

well i've bin good to god
i've said my prayers at night
but i still keep vampires in my soul
leeching off my innocence
turning into violence
now i crave the sweetness of the cane......

sugar sugar give me one last chance
in this walking desert
the ocean ain't enough to quench the starving sands

i want you i need you
give me all you got until i drown!!!

with diamicron baby yeah!

- by Ross B. copyright.

Monday, 2 February 2009

the ship of cool fools (aka, tale of a whippet)

(written 2 Feb 09, and posted now...)

sometimes you gotta let people go

u let em pass
find someone else to whinge'n'whine to
to be a further pain to multi-anon sets of shredded ears
fragility is brittle like glass
and as cutting
when mixed with pungeant, driving dominance
and passive-ag demandingness
sniffing of something beginning with m
you ain't gonna ever win with people like that
because they sniff out the weaknessess
each'n'every worm post opportunity to dig
love and sweetness you got in floppy petal spades
that drip like overused perfume
it comes at a price
displays of grandeur and largesse
finally for someone to roll out the chair and breathing machine
when the mechanisms you uphold and project
crumble like japanese leaf in mid-summer heat

we, you, us, save the belladonna once again
from the crush of the other's bruteness and sudden - inexplicable *shock* - bouts of patience-loss
situations that repeat over and over and over and over
(and over and over)
and I'm the latest repeat offender
i've given my ears and had my energy sucked over and extracted
countless times
(yes there's always someone or something to whinge about isn't there?)
it is really your own total and utter self-possession at play
that forces your borrowed ear-sets into corners
at which they finally, suddenly, bark, perhaps snarl
when the micowaves become too intense around the head
leaving you wrecked again
armed with yet another story of lost faith
you may now recount to your fashionable ship of cool fools
of which i've jumped ship

this may solve itself
there are answers to most things in life
you give up the fabuloso diva act
cut the glamma crapola
most importantly you stop projecting that onto others
sucking on people's energy
being a sly foxy
and you'll be wondrous..

what is friendship
and what is love?
they should be one and the same
or close to
love means never having to look at the time
to love being with the one you're with
friendship too
if you're with a friend...
who you hadn't really looked forward to seeing
a background pensiveness in the lead up to the event
and with whom you kind of look at your watch often
wishing you were home
or somewhere else
or with someone else
that ain't friendship
and it definitely ain't love...

there's no ill-wind i bid to thee as you sail on without my crutch
my wind that i've blown your way too many times
everything is circle
you am i and i am you
go and do well
you have a lot of good things about you
you are talented and sometimes adventurous
sometimes fun
you probably won't be reading this
you don't read blogs
and i certainly couldn't care either way
you're a fine enough artist
i have served you
as you've served me
for that i am grateful

Paul Hewson shooting star

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