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Diamicron baby

I've posted a new song up on my MySpace page. It's not a new song verily, it's just that it's yet to find itself on my myspace jukebox. So here it is, from my album 'sea in june', Diamicron Baby.

I wish I'd called the album 'Diamicron Baby'. I just wished I'd stuck to my instincts and named it that. 'Sea in June' is too wimpy and is not quite indicative of the tone of the record. 'Diamicron Baby' is faraway a more powerful title than 'Sea in June' and I think a better statement to promote. I suppose the only problem I forsaw is that "Diamicron" is registered brand-name, for the sulponylurea family of drugs. Charming really.

Of all my songs many people like this one the best. I can see their point. It's powerful, vicious, emotive and visceral, and it's well recorded. I think this is my finest recording actually, I'm very proud of every aspect of it. I love the mix, the guitars, the way the vocal is slig…

the ship of cool fools (aka, tale of a whippet)

(written 2 Feb 09, and posted now...)

sometimes you gotta let people go
u let em pass
find someone else to whinge'n'whine to
to be a further pain to multi-anon sets of shredded ears
fragility is brittle like glass
and as cutting
when mixed with pungeant, driving dominance
and passive-ag demandingness
sniffing of something beginning with m
you ain't gonna ever win with people like that
because they sniff out the weaknessess
each'n'every worm post opportunity to dig
love and sweetness you got in floppy petal spades
that drip like overused perfume
it comes at a price
displays of grandeur and largesse
finally for someone to roll out the chair and breathing machine
when the mechanisms you uphold and project
crumble like japanese leaf in mid-summer heat

we, you, us, save the belladonna once again
from the crush of the other's bruteness and sudden - inexplicable *shock* - bouts of patience-loss
situations that repeat over and over and over a…