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Don Walker's 'Catfish' Unlimited Address (1989): retrospective album review

(This review is to be published in a local magazine, the Songsmith. I hope it attracts attention to the album. Cheers, r.)When Cold Chisel disbanded in 1983, most of its members fashioned either solo careers or stints with other bands. It was only the band’s principal songwriter, keyboardist Don Walker, who retired from the scene completely. Walker was to spend those four or five years after Chisel’s demise travelling throughout Australia and Europe and taking care of other personal matters, in his own words, “detoxing” from the music industry. He finally came to back to music in 1988 to record a new album under the moniker Catfish. Chisel guitarist Ian Moss, producer/guitarist Peter Walker, harmonica player David Blight, and drummer Ricky Fataar were some of the album’s guest musicians.The album was titled UnlimitedAddress and was released in 1989.It seems an absurdity that one of Australia’s most gifted songwriters, responsible for penning those anthems such as ‘Khe Sahn’ and ‘

spirit theory ponderings

Reincarnation theories seem to be widely accepted amongst the general populace these days, as far as I'm aware. The other day I read somewhere - I think it was in one of those pick-up freebies you find in health food shops (or was it on the net??) - the idea of the purpose of existence as it is now with six-billion plus people roaming the planet is so that all souls can have this one chance of "cracking it", ie, self-discovery and all that it entails. The article made the interesting point that the world today resembles a train-station at rush-hour; this I believe is true (and self-evident).
I found myself disagreeing with the first statement, that all these souls are here now to have the chance to crack the code and go off to Nirvana. (The Earth is bleeding, corroding, dying, but never mind...). I started to ponder the idea that perhaps there are no souls, that there is really only one soul, that of life, or God, that resembles a gooey amoeba of sorts that glugs out …