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Radio Skidrow, KOMPACTION, 88.9FM

Frank Sultana hosting behind the desk of Radio Skidrow in Marrickville, 88.9FM, KOMPACTION show.

A few weeks ago I was asked by Frank Sultana to come along and guest on live community radio. KOMPACTION is a program that features singer-songwriters. Frank - a brilliant songwriter and musician (he has an awesome feel for blues) and who plays both guitar and piano - booked me in for April 13. We played tracks from my album, and other tracks from more recent recordings.
We kicked off with 'Ride' from the Sea in June album (I wish I called the album something else...), and then 'End of a Civilisationist' from my new batch of recordings. I then sang 'Alexandria' and 'Every Girl just wants to be my friend' live to air, after which we mistakingly played the newest version of 'Sea in June' featuring Brigette on lead vocal as we couldn't find the song I wanted, 'Secrets', on this recently mastered CD of relatively newly recorded tracks.


Carillon Avenue, Camperdown
I visited my nephew at his apartment in Newtown this afternoon. I wanted to get an idea of the apartment specs as I'm buying (or hoping to buy) an apartment that's only marginally bigger than his is - on the inside; Charlie's unit has a balcony, mine doesn't. At this stage I still don't know if I've landed the unit as my loan application is pending approval. It's not the deposit amount, or my income, that's posing the problem; it's the size of the unit they're concerned about. Technically my unit is above specifications to safely procure a loan for the amount that I require. Nevertheless, the ball is in the court of head office in Melbourne. There's not much I can do but wait until they make their decision, and hopefully soon. I can't really see what the problem is though. Being so close to UNSW, parklands, a major shopping centre down the road, Maroubra Beach, the unit is an investor's dream. Funn…