Bernie Prior in Sydney

Tonight I walked over to the Living Essence Centre on Victoria Road in Bellevue Hill to attend a meeting with Bernie Prior. It was a lush early summer's night with warm air and healthy seabreeze. Here is a blurb on Bernie, and it very much worth checking out the website:

"Bernie Prior is a self-realised contemporary Master who is widely recognised as a true spiritual seer and powerful transformer of evolutionary consciousness in humanity.

He travels extensively urging audiences world-wide to “wake-up” to their true nature and purpose of evolving from the misperception of separation, toward an understanding and embodied experience of oneness and infinite expression."

Bernie's teaching is comprehensive and takes in tantra, ie, divine love and union between the male and female principles on Earth.

Bernie is pretty much what you'd call a Western Spiritual Master. He does not use Eastern terminology, he does not dress elaborately (quite casually in fact) and he addresses us to take full and utter responsibility for living the truth through these bodies, as individuals. Behind his sweet, playful & dapper manner, Bernie's energy is searing and extraordinary. He is uncompromising in his one-pointed love when addressing us, either collectively or individually, to rid ourselves of the false, or the untrue, and be totally in the new, the unknown, where the first principle of life that creates our bodies and the universe we know and cognize around us, resides. Yet there is never any judgement placed on the untrue, for what is, is.

We are the One Consciousness, individuated in multiple bodies.

The late Barry Long (1926-2003) was a pioneering Western spiritual master. He urged all listeners to "not believe me unless it is the truth in your experience". He too, taught men and women of divine lovemaking, and comprehensively of love, life, truth, death & god.
As a young spiritual inquirer in Sydney during the late 50's, Barry Long was by his own account 'influenced' or directed by the work of J.Krishnamurti (1895-1986). Krishnamurti pioneered this modern form of spirituality that was subsequently taken on by Barry Long and more recently by others such as Bernie Prior and Eckhardt Tolle; this spirituality being utterly non-demonational and relating to a purity that is constantly new and renewing itself every moment....this precept of course, represents a beginning and certainly not an end. Divine consciousness is forever, always deeper, never ending.

Bernie was born in England and currently lives in New Zealand but travels the world for meetings and retreats. Tonight he announced he's moving to Sydney. This hit me as an arrow does, straight to the stomach. I awakened immediately. Wow, I thought, consciousness as represented by Bernie is moving into my vicinity. Bernie is looking to set up an abode somewhere between Bondi and Bronte as he senses this area represents the "eternal mother". That's fair enough I thought, I believe Brighton & Cronulla beaches on the southern suburbs of Sydney represent "Eva Cassidy territory". And one of my very favourite artistes, mr sk, lives in North Bondi. I realised there's some great energy simmering pretty much from under my feet, upon the ground I stroll and wheel along.
I realised Barry Long was born and bred in Sydney (he moved to England in 1964 where he lived for 22 years before returning to Australia to live his remaining life in the Tambourine Mountains & Northern NSW). What is it about this place that attracts the spiritualists? Mine is not to question. Despite my grumbling of how much I want to get out of the city I suddenly felt thankful for being here and am delighted that Bernie is moving to Sydney. The shift in consciousness within me, I'm certain, will continue to accelerate. What a gift this is! Of course, this is not done for "me", the self, but for the consciousness we all share.
I am likely to attend Friday evening's meeting in Crows Nest, and perhaps the day workshop on Saturday. I tend to attend Bernie's meetings/workshops in Sydney at least twice a year.
Where it really counts, right now, within, is good. Pure and simply good. God bless us all.


The guy sounds fascinating...I definitely have to visit his website. Wish I could join you at the meeting and workshop :)
ross b said…
Thanks Mary, gotta run!!! *baci*
Polydora said…
"We are the One Consciousness, individuated in multiple bodies."

Yep, that's my take. I also believe we live simultaneous lifetimes. How about you?
ross b said…
Yes, I believe that within the context of the 'one' life, anything is possible at all, and is revealed in time.

One thing I believe to be true is that, well, if you gain genuine spiritual insight through ephiphanous moments or meditation or yoga or whichever, circumstances begin to swim around that "test" your newfound awareness - I find this to be true in my experience. And life speeds up too.

It's an utterly FASCINATING thing, this existance we live in..
Anonymous said…
Bernie Prior sleeps with women, charges them for the experience and then calls it spirituality.

Spiritual master? You are having a laugh. Another example of New Age charlatans ripping off people who are lacking the discernment to tell the difference between a genuine yogi and some guy from England who absues his spiritual power to get women into bed and make an obscene amount of money. Shame on you Bernie Prior, karma will catch up with you one day and then you will be a sad, poor and lonely man.
Anonymous said…
It sounds like you're creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.
Anonymous said…
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Graham Mason said…
Its interesting when someone self proclaims them self as a 'spiritual master'. I had a retreat with him and decided he was really just expresses his own ego and loved having followers who liked to follow.
Anonymous said…
They say judge someone by the company he keeps and quite honestly I experienced appalling greedy and egocentric behaviour from several of his women. How come they still had such big egos when the slept with a "master". Also I experienced much rudeness from the male devotees. Not in honour of the Goddess at all. Very disappointing and very expensive.


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