Struggle & Strain

all of my life
i have known
Stuggle & Strain
a pair of curmudgeon ole timers
as olde as time itself
when dawn first cracked the psychic membrane
of ancient man
who dreamt up this here moment
and the scrambled rush of four years hence
in the incredible fury of global stuggle & strain
i see my own killjoy couple
stuggle & strain chained to rb 1970-
but they're loosened off right now
they don't quite have the same hold
as they may have held
at many divergent points in my (One) life
my cobblestone career of multiple recurrences
including that of cross-carrying zealot religionist
over the past few thousand years

i may have died in many wars
i may have died in pain
i may have died on many lands
i may have drowned in rain
i may have owned a hundred castles
i may have owed the mans
i may have been a pauper's polish
i may have staked a-claim
the sun has risen in the East
and set in the West
since time began
when Julius C was butchered by Brutus
when Jesus C was nailed to a cross
when Hiroshoma was horrifically atomised
and when towers came crashing down 7 years ago
the sun rose in the East
and set in the West
perhaps nothing really changes
only we think it does...

now Nov 08
the sun days are sublime daze
they become longer
the Chinese Jasmine pour forth their fragrant perfume
the leaves are freshly green
bountiful and eager to live
Struggle & Strain may retire dutifully
i've sent them packing to the old folks home
of pannies & peeled bananas
their ancient heads will reemerge no-doubt
but never with the same virilence
as they did in 1208
or 6 AD
or 1917
i've known the pair for way too long
and now my light spring soul says simply
I've had enough.


ScaughtFive said…
Didn't Hank Williams say something about no matter how he struggled and strained, he'd never get out alive from his brain? :-)
ross b said…
Ay, there's the rub!!
Polydora said…
Oh my! This is wonderful. I have to come back soon for another, more thoroughly attentive, read!

I like this, and relate! Struggle and Strain... someday I hope to know more of your story, Ross. :)
ross b said…
Thank you Anne-Marie! I must confess though I don't think my story is too interesting lol!! :) Funnily I was thinking just a few days ago of the idea that "life begins at 38...". I sort of had the feeling that my life's beginning now...perhaps it's a sense that really deep and rich experiences await me now and in the future, rather than at anytime in the past.

I'm definitely a lot more open to them now, than before.

It's a good age to be, I think, around the late-30s.

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