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digging the new digs

Here I am, at the computer that is seated on its little desk by the bedroom window, a window that looks out level onto a busy though pleasant road in the south-eastern suburbs of Sydney.
I was lucky. This has been a good buy. It came to me serendipitously. There I was, on my birthday (the 40th one, mind you), a little bummed out over how things were transpiring for me. Two days later, when I'd all but given up hunting for property, I happen to find myself on Gmail whereby an automated property alert via email came up on the screen. And because the property was located in one of my designated areas and at an attractive price, I called the real estate guy immediately. He regretted to tell me that the listed property had actually sold prior to the alert going through, however, the neighbours were making noises about selling up. And as I was the first person to call I was the first on his list. To his credit, my agent gauged me as a suitable buyer for this particular property.