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Bobbin Head

Yesterday I stole myself out to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, situated at the upper-north shore of Sydney, for a bushwalk. I'd been looking forward to some serious tree action all week, to immerse myself in primal, living 'real' estate. The only problem was that, despite the closing down of summer and the arrival of autumnal equinox, it turned out to be one of the steamiest and hottest days of the year. By the time I finished my walk after some three or so hours I was ready to combust, hyperventilating and sweating as I was almost dangerously. And looking ahead at the weather forecast that's projected onto the coming week, I can see no sign of an evening come-down in temperatures. It's usually by late-March that morning minimum temperatures begin their healing descent into cooler, sleep-easy realms.
I stopped off at Turramurra on the way to the national park. Turramurra, like all of the upper-north shore, is a leafy village that's bisected by the Pacific H…

school daze (aka ancient history)

I've been thinking a lot about my old school subjects recently. School, I finished 23 years ago. I've taken to discussing school subjects with friends, such as discussing which subjects we excelled in and those we bombed, and so forth. I've no clear idea as to why I'm harking back to an era that passed over in October 1987. I suppose I'm merely manifesting my incorrigible quirkiness and way of mentalising everything, the present, the future and the past. Maybe it's all because of Facebook. I've been making facebook-friends with people I went to school with and hadn't thought about for 23 years since leaving school. I suspect my nostalgia buttons are reignited as I wonder about all those old faces (or older faces) on Facebook of those I went to school with 23-plus years ago. Maybe I'm nostalgic because I'm hitting 40 and I'm wondering what the hell have I done with my life?? Other than learn piano. Or acquire a small(-ish) collectio…

the hunt is on

The hunt is on. I inspected a couple of lovely, small art deco apartments in Kingsford this morning, two blocks away from UNSW. My nephew and I met up for some breakfast at one of the numerous cafes on Coogee Bay Road, accompanying me later to the inspections for some guidance and moral support, of which there was plenty, and of which I'm grateful.
My problem is that I just don't have a bloodlust for property, meaning that I'm just not going to jump over hoops to be the highest bidder. Property prices are exorbitant, but if these are the prices people are willing to pay, or to be more precise, borrow from the bank, then so be it. I think it's best to proceed carefully and inspect as many properties as possible before making the decision to jump through the hoop like an innocent dolphin at a friggin' playpark.
The apartments I inspected were within two attractive dark-red brick art deco blocks standing right next to each other. One was a two-bedder with no ba…