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Today I take a car trip to forestville to rehearse our eva cassidy songs with Brigette forestville is a pleasant tree-lined suburb of northern sydney straddled between the north shore proper and the northern beaches it contains it's own quirkily mormonesque charm villagey, safe, & leafy seemingly shielded from the waxyness of the northern beaches and the imagined detritus of the inner suburbs i had sum time to spear so i took a turn-off at the roseville bridge and did a sweet walk along the cove much of it was pristine walkway shrouded in greenery and dazzling sunlight the river was a bit murky though and some of the smells were dank that gave away the city factor and the bridge high above itself was swarming with traffic i then took to forestville proper indulged in a gilty coffee proprieted by a major international conglomerate and stalked down starkey street snapping a swag of photos of flame trees glowing yellow and red in the warm autumn sunshine these trees straight from the source don't nee…

sydney autumn leaves

forestville australia 26 april 2008

Album review: My Hearts Dezire live @ Cheltenham Studio 2005

Pennie Lennon’s most recent mini-CD release is My Hearts Dezire’s Live 2005. This EP was recorded live at Cheltenham Studios and was released some 2 ½ years ago, and it’s taken me a couple of years of getting around to reviewing it! Not for any misgivings about the product mind you as I’ve always loved and greatly revered Pennie’s work.

My Hearts Dezire is the duo comprising Pennie Lennon (keyboards/lead vocals) and Bruno Koenig (lead guitars/backing & occasional lead vocals). On this EP, produced by Dave Burgess, the duo were complimented with Stephen Martin on bass and Dylan Huw Jones on drums. Bruno Koenig’s artwork is splendid and matches the mood of the music and the duo’s vibe. All songs were composed by Pennie with the exception of ‘Rocks in the Bathroom’ that was co-written with Bruno. This is as far as I’m aware this is Pennie’s fourth CD release comprising of three EPs and one full CD. First came ‘Healing Bones’ EP recorded at Karmic Hit Studios Rozelle in December 1995,…


this is my cw80 i'm very drawn to this photo it has an artfilm-like appeal to me a way of life like woody allen's manhattan movie of 1979 refracted through soft lens i am in this frame of mood right now fading amber glow of a friday night a couple or 3 glasses of italian vino 'abruzzo' 'illuminati' are the keywords mirrored to me from the label hmm jus' posted a silly comment on killa's blog well it's not that silly it's just me being whimsical sensual and earthy all at once in essence that's who i am

SS suMMit (or, S-cubed)

So here in Sydney this weekend under glorious autumn skies we hosted the S3, or, as is widely known around the local omniverse, the ‘Sydney Song Summit’, staged at the Hordern Pavillion surrounded by the leafy Moore Park environs.

Now I got mates running a stall there, good mates, good people, one of them is a guy I play with though I chose to stay away from this event. No doubt there is much good information available for songwriters and aspirants of all shapes and sizes, so fair game.

I love songs, and I hate them! I mean songs are my life goddamn it, but to me songs fall into 2 categories, the inspired ones by inspired artists, and the rubbish that gets peddled about by “professional writers” and songwriting “teachers” and the like.

I mean, I receive a monthly newsletter created by my aforementioned friend who I perform with occasionally that is full of good information and anecdotes. My abhorrent objection comes when names get bandied about proclaiming a new Messiah has arrived, alw…

End of a Civilisationist

Here are the lyrics to a song I've recently recorded and posted on myspace ( the song won't go on any album and musically is like early-Church in the verses, and bares more than a passing similarity to Don Walker's (Cold Chisel) 'Conversations' from their 'Breakfast at Sweethearts' album of 1979. The song is about peace and love, but it may not appear that way at first glance....go to myspace to listen!

Regards, Ross

End of a Civilisationist
Copyright Ross B 2008

I’m not one to cry about some building crashing down
or the stars and stripes that shoulder their capital foundations
I love it when I lose my money
better to blow it now before the inevitable post-wake looting!

I’m just an end of a Civilisationist
an end of a Civilisationist
I’m just an an end of a Civilisationist
blow it now, tomorrow we’ll be gone
(tomorrow we’ll be gone)

I drive some trendy car, I couldn’t give a shit
realms and realms of A4 paper premium dust-binned
I got almo…

my Space Intro

Here is what I've just posted on my myspace page, (

Greetings All!
I have entered the world of blogging, and I'm not sure where it'll take me. ...I suspect nowhere much but it may improve my writing skills, and evolve 'n' revolve me in some subtle kind o' way.
My blog address is, I anticipate this to be my main blog site, but they may change as time goes on...
Best wishes to all, love, Ross from the Sydney beast. Wishing Well, R.


Welcome to my first blog dear woman, or man, and your little doggie...

I'd only discovered recently what the word "blog" actually is - after falling into Steve Kilbey's blog universe I got the hear these newfound techno-words bandied about for years until you discover what they actually are (well, it takes me that long!), "podcast" is another of those 'key'words...

But, my intention is to be more primal and bring up topics that are of interest to me generally, I may not know much about them, but I have a feeling for them - and I want to connect to people spritually and integrally.

Pretty soon we are going to enter the "us vs them" era of our westernised life, and they (Kilbey calls them "straights") are going to win, until the final curtain does away with it all. Let's bandie together and be real, true beings of Light.

But more importantly, ...I suppose I just wanna practise and get an idea of what this blog is all ab…