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Paul Weller live @ Enmore Theatre, 18 August 2008

[to be published in the Songsmith]

We couldn’t believe it!! Paul Weller was returning to Australia, his second visit since he toured the Style Council here in ‘85. He did 3 shows at the Enmore theatre in Sydney, 19-21 August, touring most other states as well. I never did see the Council concert back in ’85 and was determined not to miss this! And unlike, say, the Council concert where all songs performed were strictly ‘Council’ tunes, this concert opened up Weller’s backlog all the way back to his early days with the Jam. The crowd roared ceaselessly, and it was easily one of the best concerts I’d ever attended. The only catch was, it felt like it had gone on for 5-minutes (he played for at least 2 and a half hours), I really need to be there for at least a good 72 hours to take in the passion, the heavenly performance and songs, all of which are incredibly dear to me.

The lion’s share of the concert was dedicated to performing songs from Weller’s new release 22Dreams. This may have …

' Tex is beautiful ! '

Hey, my first video upload!!(This video was taken with my Fujifilm SLR camera, it's an AVI file, 23 MB.)Meet Tex the Whippet!!! Tex is licking his lips each time I tell him he's beautiful!Tex is now about 2 years old, he's a typical whippet, timid, shy, loves affection, is utterly adorable. He's owned by my friend Brigette. We were at her parent's place in the Southern Highlands, October 2007. Tex was being naughty, he wasn't actually allowed on the sofa, so pleased and comfortable he appears to be!

Eastern Suburbs beach walk : 2 - Clovelly Bronte Tamarama

The closest clifftop is the northern tip of Coogee. Southern aspect.
Gordons Bay. A very small bay separating Coogee & Clovelly beaches.
Dogs prohibited eh...racism!!
Gordons Bay.
Lush lush life in the form of ruby red shrubs.
Taken purely for photographic aesthetic (...! ?)
Jagged clifftops and breathtaking view. Southern aspect.
Clovelly beach. Really more a 'bay' than a beach.
Pleasant walkway at Clovelly. I used to walk my doggie around here!
Up until not too long ago real estate in this area was not too expensive. In fact, prior to the mid-eighties but especially the late-70s it was bargainsville. In hindsight, of course!
This is Bronte beach from the northern end. Southern aspect.

The promenade at Bronte. It's a workday and winter so not very well patronised. Between Christmas and New Year, very different story!!
You are here.
To the right is Bronte park & beach. It's very hilly in the eastern suburbs. From Tamarama, the next beach north of Bronte. It'…

Eastern Suburbs beach walk : finale - Bondi

The sun had clouded over the minute I turned from gazing at the southern panoramic vista, to stare at Bondi, jewel of the eastern crown. It matched my mood. I suddenly went into a downer. Bondi depresses me a little, particularly during the day (not so much at night)...
Close up of the headlands of North Bondi.
Bondi is in my bones. Living here as a toddler, but visiting weekly to play with my cousins (cousins' children actually, almost my age, makes 'em 2nd cousins). Bittersweet, saccharin memories.

View of Bondi baths. Looks inviting but I bet it was bloody cold!!
The sea & surf looks particularly fresh and invigorating today.
Bondi baths from a distance.

Bondi Coliseum?? I've forgotten what this is called. The sign used to display. It's a lovely building on the beach promenade.
I've had some good summer daze baking and swimming. It does get very crowded from Christmas onward.

Terrific graffiti along the walls, very artistic and sharp!

That tuscan thing has b…

Eastern Suburbs beach walk : 1 - Coogee

Wednesday 30 July. A bright, cool, crisp day. Having had some time off from work with a rotten, nasty little cold/virus-thingy as my token leave loading, I decided to do a seaboard walk. I walked from my place in north Maroubra to Coogee Beach that took some 2o minutes, finding myself on the sealine track north to Bondi Beach. Here's a nice apartment block on Arden Street, looks like it's circa 1930's, tastefully decorated and painted. I was walking downhill towards Coogee Beach. Apparently in the early 80's Mel Gibson knocked on the door of someone's house in this area begging to buy it, and apparently a deal was struck! He was well-doshed up, no doubt. Coogee Beach from the south end, northern aspect. By the cool, cool water.Wedding Cake Island. To the right, on shore, are the Coogee baths with seapool below.It photographs better than I remember it...The Coogee promenade. Shot taken from the northern end, southern aspect.Coogee rapidly gentrified from the ear…