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Bird of Paradise


Mamapalooza 2008

(to be published in the next 'Songsmith')
On Saturday night 23 May Sydney hosted its third annual Mamapalooza event, the first being staged in May 2006. Mamapalooza is a worldwide event featured during the month of May and is the only cultural event of its kind featuring mom musicians, artists, authors, comics, dancers and filmmakers. The Mamapalooza Festival declares ‘May as Mothers Month’ creating positive, family friendly programming on stages throughout the world during the month of May annually. With an open door policy for mom performers and their families, these festivals celebrate creativity and diversity. The Sydney Mamapalooza concert event for 2008 and previous years was organised by singer-songwriter, filmmaker, scriptwriter & Society member Vee Malnar, and featured excellent artists; this year’s event was held at the Roxburgh Hotel in Glebe. This event was videotaped and will be sent to worldwide coordinator Joy Rose in New York for screening. Vee attended the …

Song to Eva

I've posted a new recording on myspace page; the song is called 'Song to Eva' and it can be heard first-up by clicking on This is a newly recorded version of the song featuring Brigette Ember on lead vocal. My original vocals on the track appearing on my 'Sea in June' album were, imo, diabolical; I may be being hard on myself but Brigette's are wonderful and somewhat fitting for the style and flavour of the song.

The song was inspired by Alice Sebold's novel The Lovely Bones and is dedicated to the late, great Eva Cassidy (1963-1996). In short the novel is narrated in the first person by 14-year old Susie Salmon, who'd been raped and murdered in the cornfields near her family home, and is speaking from her new vantage point in 'heaven'. She visits her family often - dad, mum, sister, brother etc - and observes their trials and tribulations as they cope with Susie's loss and the events that unfold around that. The…

Songsmith: Letter to the editor

Dear ed.
I'm sad to inform you and your readership that the Coogee Bay Hotel is forgoing its Monday night open mics as of 26 May. Apparently the cover duos on Tuesday and Wednesday nights are going too.
The Coogee Bay Hotel for me has been an excellent stomping and training ground in developing my solo skills - it's not everyone's cup of tea...a lot of people don't like playing to drunk backpackers and the aggro eastie crowd but I enjoy putting myself up against brickheads, sometimes its been hard but it's a challenge I rise up to and the results have been well worth it.
More importantly than that it's about giving good solo acts/artists a place to gig to an audience (albiet rowdy) for 30 minutes. I'm concerned that more pubs are letting this form of entertainment fall by the wayside - it seems to be the pattern with the 'Launch Squad' too. Jason Mannell (and more recently Simon) have grown and maintained this gig successfully for 4 and a half years. S…

Article: Ringside Cold Chisel

An article on Chisel I got published in 2003 by Ross B ©2003

Cold Chisel have reformed once again, to headline a series of ‘Ringside’ concerts Elvis-style at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, amongst other dates & venues including one of their favoured stomping-grounds, Newcastle. The date is 3 June 2003 and that’s exactly thirty years ahead of the time this 5-piece formed in Adelaide, Australia. Since forming as ‘Orange’ in Adelaide 1973 – to change their name to ‘Cold Chisel’ at the end of that year – the band have endured only one line-up change, and that’s when founding member / bassist Les Kaczmarek was replaced in 1975 on bass by Phil Small. And along with Jim Barnes (vocals), Ian Moss (guitar), Steve Prestwich (drums), & Don Walker (keyboards), these guys set out to become an enduring Australian success story.

What’s particularly astonishing about Chisel’s formation is the fact that, aside from founding member / bassist Les Kaczmarek and his replacement Phil Small, none of t…