Eastern Suburbs beach walk : finale - Bondi

The sun had clouded over the minute I turned from gazing at the southern panoramic vista, to stare at Bondi, jewel of the eastern crown. It matched my mood. I suddenly went into a downer. Bondi depresses me a little, particularly during the day (not so much at night)...

Close up of the headlands of North Bondi.

Bondi is in my bones. Living here as a toddler, but visiting weekly to play with my cousins (cousins' children actually, almost my age, makes 'em 2nd cousins). Bittersweet, saccharin memories.

View of Bondi baths. Looks inviting but I bet it was bloody cold!!

The sea & surf looks particularly fresh and invigorating today.

Bondi baths from a distance.

Bondi Coliseum?? I've forgotten what this is called. The sign used to display. It's a lovely building on the beach promenade.

I've had some good summer daze baking and swimming. It does get very crowded from Christmas onward.

Terrific graffiti along the walls, very artistic and sharp!

That tuscan thing has been renovated many times. In the 70s it used to be a pub with much violence that was par for the course. Murders, fights, etc. Bondi has changed so much, for the better really, it's a lot safer. When I used to play with my cousins the kids along the streets were rough. Bondi has performed an amazing gentrification. Up to the early 90s property was still relatively cheap. But real estate in this area has shot up in astronomical amounts since. Many new restaurants and eateries now.

I had shots of Campbell Parade that runs along the beach but for some reason didn't upload them. Oh well, too late now. Dialup is a timekiller particularly when it comes to photography, audio & video files !Upward from Bondi Beach & Campbell Parade we have Bondi Road, western aspect. This road takes us to Bondi Junction and from there, a bypass to Centennial Park, Paddington, Darlinghurst, and downtown Sydney.

All up, as always, a revivifying walk.

Next, food shopping. No photos, however!!


Polydora said…
I'm salivating.

Those baths do look inviting. Beautiful aqua green. What's the water temp right now? Cold enough to kill ya?

Great series of photos! Thanks for posting.
ross b said…
Water temp at the mo is about 14C or 57F - enough to kill me but hardy types like Steve Kilbey seem to cope with it well!

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