Eastern Suburbs beach walk : 1 - Coogee

Wednesday 30 July. A bright, cool, crisp day. Having had some time off from work with a rotten, nasty little cold/virus-thingy as my token leave loading, I decided to do a seaboard walk. I walked from my place in north Maroubra to Coogee Beach that took some 2o minutes, finding myself on the sealine track north to Bondi Beach.
Here's a nice apartment block on Arden Street, looks like it's circa 1930's, tastefully decorated and painted. I was walking downhill towards Coogee Beach.
Apparently in the early 80's Mel Gibson knocked on the door of someone's house in this area begging to buy it, and apparently a deal was struck! He was well-doshed up, no doubt.
Coogee Beach from the south end, northern aspect.
By the cool, cool water.Wedding Cake Island. To the right, on shore, are the Coogee baths with seapool below.It photographs better than I remember it...The Coogee promenade. Shot taken from the northern end, southern aspect.Coogee rapidly gentrified from the early 1980's onward.From the park at the northern end of the beach, southern aspect.Sand, water, and curvature.Coogee Bay Road. Arden Street parallels the beach. To the left is the Coogee Bay Hotel where I've done a lot of work. It's a rough pub though. It used to be Very rough.. At the back of it used to be Selinas, a major band hotspot in the 70s and 80s. Someone I went to school with - he was a little older than me - was shot during a drive-by shoot-in in 1985. I only found out later when I met him, at which I cast my mind back to all those headlines that happened around that time, 'drinker shot'.
Last Saturday night there was a terrible mugging on Coogee Bay road, up the road a bit. I don't know what it is about beach suburbs but they do attract an aggressive, loutish element.
Leaving Coogee, walking northward. The longer, further headland is Maroubra.Wedding Cake Island. I don't know why it's so named. Whale Island would have been more suggestive. It's a lonely piece of rock. Container ship in the distance there.


Polydora said…
All right, that's it. I think I'm moving to Australia.

ross b said…
lol!! :)

And why not?! The Queensland coast is blessed with an almost permanent summer with beaches to die for. Northern NSW has Byron Bay which is kind of magical. And Sidney and its environs really aren't so bad either.

You said you were leaving Seattle, where do you live?
Anonymous said…
hi 5! I live in Coogee! WOOHOO!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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