Eastern Suburbs beach walk : 2 - Clovelly Bronte Tamarama

The closest clifftop is the northern tip of Coogee. Southern aspect.
Gordons Bay. A very small bay separating Coogee & Clovelly beaches.

Dogs prohibited eh...racism!!

Gordons Bay.

Lush lush life in the form of ruby red shrubs.

Taken purely for photographic aesthetic (...! ?)
Jagged clifftops and breathtaking view. Southern aspect.

Clovelly beach. Really more a 'bay' than a beach.

Pleasant walkway at Clovelly. I used to walk my doggie around here!

Up until not too long ago real estate in this area was not too expensive. In fact, prior to the mid-eighties but especially the late-70s it was bargainsville. In hindsight, of course!

This is Bronte beach from the northern end. Southern aspect.

The promenade at Bronte. It's a workday and winter so not very well patronised. Between Christmas and New Year, very different story!!

You are here.

To the right is Bronte park & beach. It's very hilly in the eastern suburbs.
From Tamarama, the next beach north of Bronte. It's smaller than Bronte. Bronte and Coogee are roughly the same size and are the largest of the beaches visited here.

Incredible vista looking southward.

I found that to be an interesting cliff-top.
Average price for a house in Tamarama in 1978. $50,000. Now? Don't ask.
Someone turn that dial back to November 1977, I would've had a chance!! lol

Tamarama surf life saving club.

Here we're at a clifftop overlooking the panaromic vista of the Bronte, Coogee, and lower headlands that stretch to the bottom of the Eastern suburbs, around La Perouse.

As I turn facing northward I find the jewel in the eastern suburbs crown. The alluring queen of bays...


Polydora said…
Is this all Sidney? Shit, I think I need to move there. The water is beautiful. Is it *really* that beautiful? Aren't there areas you can't swim, the water is too dirty?

I'm jealous!!!!!!!
Very jealous.
I want money. A good fair amount of it. Enough to travel for a bit. :)

I want to go to the beach that's really a bay and I really luv the cliffs.

Do you surf, Ross?
ross b said…
Me, Surf?? No way, too chicken!! :) lol

Do you surf, or ever tried surfing?

You got me thinking, to put it in perspective, all of Australia is pretty much one big beach. Desert, a few ranges, and beach. These beaches covered in this blog are the 'eastern suburbs' beaches but the northern suburb beaches (including 'Avalon', cited in the Church's 'already yesterday') stretch on for miles and miles. Then there are beaches south of Coogee and the southern beaches and so forth.

The entire eastern seaboard of oz is beaches galore...and you know what, i really take it for granted. I gotta get my flippers & togs and get into that water more often!

It's quite clean, some days you get seaweeds washed up which turns the water a little green but generally it's very good.

Clovelly Beach - yes that is a very charming little beach, probably the nicest of the bunch!
Polydora said…
Clean water (for the most part) and so much beach! Lucky bastard I'd say.

Never been surfin', but I'd be one to try in shallow clear water! Got that around?
Anonymous said…
Oh my God, the photos are lovely. You've got me all homesick now :)

Take care,
The Knitting Songbird
Anonymous said…
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