Songwriters Day @ Darling Harbour

Saturday 21 November was Songwriters Day at Darling Harbour, Sydney. The event is hosted annually by the Darling Harbour Authority for Australian Music Week, and organised and co-hosted by the SSA, the Songwriting Society of Australia. Of this purely volunteer organisation, it is Ken Stewart of the band Urban Guerillas who does the lion's share of the organising and groundwork, so that's a terrific effort Ken!

There's been a heatwave over Sydney during the past three days, and even though temperatures didn't reach quite as high as anticipated on Saturday, it was nonetheless pretty damn hot. It was clammy and humid with no refreshing breeze, but thankfully the event was on the Saturday rather than on the Sunday as the Sunday had become very hot indeed. People came and performed and put on a good show despite the heat, and the sound quality was good, so all were happy with that.

This is Pete Scully, president of the Society. He does good work liaising with other songwriting bodies and is always keen to find the best available avenues for songwriters to get their music heard and out there. I think he's the main contact for Radio Skidrow.

There were two active stages, the Harbourside Amphitheatre for acoustic solos & duos, and the Palm Grove stage for bands. I'd booked to accompany ZaraMeow but ended up doing a set myself as the small stage was slightly ahead of time. And later I played rock'n'roll bass with the Velvet Road. So I can't say I wasn't musically satiated by the end of it all.

Me solo.

ZaraMeow & Ross.
Me playing a bass with lots of knobs on it.

Velvet Road = happy bluesy poppy rocky rolly

These guys were just splended...I've no idea who they were. He was a great singer and the other guy was a marvellous jazzy keyboard player with an equally fine voice.

Pete Thompson, Lucille, Ross & ZaraMeow. The half-full Heini closest to the camera is mine. I relished that beer, I really did. A very memorable drink on a hot day. That was my second beer. Just what I needed to play with the Velvets 15 minutes later.

Mick Elsley on djembe & Ken Stewart on guitar/vocal, aka Urban Guerillas in acoustic mode. Ken of course being the organiser of this event on behalf of the SSA.

Rob Conway came all the way from Mudgee to play some well-crafted, lyrical jazz tunes.

Nick Punal performing some songs off his latest album plus a few newies.

Gracedigger was an awesome rock dude!!!

Later I dropped off Zara & Lucille at Balmain and decided to go for a walk to wear off the beers I'd drunk. I went down to East Balmain and back again, sitting for a few minutes to soak in the harbour view, taking my shoes off and letting my feet breathe.

It turned out to be a quite satisfying day, despite the unrelenting daggers of heat that made us all dream of beaches and swimming pools. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink...


Nick P said…
What an awesome day it was!! Next year I'm aiming to make a full day of it... although being there for 3hours wasn't a bad effort (with a 2 yrs old!!)... Next year I reckon there'll be a daddy-daughter singer-songwriter performance for sure :-)

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