face eviction
from our dwellings, possibly
but from our bodies
we plan and dream for endless tomorrows
and splash around the black muck pool
of yesterdays
that have gone forever
yet live eternally in our emotional inventory
there's no end to it
so better to end it
and to be here now
because 'now' is all there ever is
and that psychic double
awaiting us at that moment of eviction
is as far away from us as cigarette paper
we can feel it within us
those times where we not our memory or our name
our pride and prejudice
we awaken from a delightful morning's sleep
and we sing like perfect nature's glowing, gorgeous morning
until we remember our selves
and slump down like a few tonne of bricks

it is whispered among circles
that continually spiral away
that the moment of release is ecstatic
there is a registration of aliveness and survival
the supernal knowledge that there is no "life after death"
there is only ever "life"
in its positive conscious pole - a body
in its negative unconscious pole - death
we go to heaven
we enjoy
we take our prize
but we face ourselves
as everything we ever had externally
is "I"
we discover that all is one
yet the potential to realise it fully
is drowned by residue of baggage or "self"
it drives us down into another body
where we recreate the circumstances of our lives
determined by our level of consciousness
and what that consciousness "needs"
on an unconscious level
and go around again

there's no point to it
on the surface
all the world's a stage
it's about doing one's best
to face the circumstances of one's life as best one can
and in doing so we raise the enlightenment point
of 'I'
and the human matrix we are all enmeshed in
to be valiant, courageous, have fortitude
to blame or complain as little as possible
be as open and giving as much as one can
and most of all
to be grateful for the life
the formless, blessed life within
that comes into this body
and will fly away when evicted
the life we all share
and are all one big part of

we are never know when our notice is up
we get that blue letter in the mail
it often happens when we least expect it
we all like to think of our long future ahead of us
yet nothing's guaranteed
any minute now, for any body
eviction notices run rampant on the press of the universal will
i hope mine is a long way off
i couldn't bear to leave the people i love
but there's no way out
of an eviction notice
that is the legal clause
of being born into a body in the first place
you just gotta love the in-between bit
as best one can

and life is our greatest teacher, it's said
the curtain draws
the musty smell of an old haunted theatre ensues
the maroon vinyl seats are sticky and smell of the 1920s
dampness on the walls
the plaques are strewn with names of many yesteryears
the tea urn in the green room remains steadfastly in place
the urn was the forthright maid that stood before any theatre
and will be serving refreshments until way after the days
or day
of eviction


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