Diamond life, diamond decade...

I listened to Sade's Diamond Life last night. I'm not sure why, but there's something in this music that highly evokes my senses and feelings. It kind of takes me away to this kind of neon blue spaceship bar where it's permanently 1984. I feel like I'm trailing the galaxies when I listen to this album. Granted, it is very much 80's r&b, it sounds great and the songs are very well crafted. Songs that hit at the heart and at the feeling centre of body. 'Frankie', 'Your love is king', 'Sally', 'Smooth operator' etc do the whole cruisy Major 7th thing over pleasant beats that slide under sinewy sax lines that ooze a kind of snaky sexuality.

I have this thing about the eighties. When I was in it - from age 10 to 20 - the decade felt like it could never end. It felt like the "right" decade. The music was poppy, the images were glam yet clean and despite what's often said, great music did come out of that decade. The Cure and the Church are but two examples, and then there's Suzanne Vega and many other albums or artists one could care to think of.

Yet, there was no general internet service in the eighties, and the era of mobile phones was commencing close to the end of that decade. There was no myspace, no youtube, definitely no facebook and not to mention twitter either. If you mentioned these words to someone back in 1985 they would have looked at you strangely.

The fact is, the eighties have ended and 1989 was twenty years ago. It feels like yesterday to me. And twenty years behind 1989 was 1969, the year I was conceived and that around which time the Beatles produced Abbey Road, Brian Jones of the Stones had his head shoved under the water in his swimming pool and Joni Mitchell was writing Ladies of the Canyon.

We're close to midway into 2009 and it's inconceivable to think ahead another 10 years let alone 20. I just hope it's gonna be alright, y'know - he says in a Liverpool accent....


veleska1970 said…
since you and i are the same age, i can totally relate to absolutely everything you said today.

yes, 1989 does feel like just yesterday, doesn't it?
ross b said…
Yes, 1989 is very close to me....during the eighties - it was probably the age we were at - it felt like the decade would never end...

Yet it certainly has!!

And down under I recall never-ending repeats of Mash & Happy Days!! lol!

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