harold pinter died today...

harold pinter died today. i was saddened by the news as i am when any playwright dies. at work we always put up a display when a playwright passes away. we do the same with famous actors though i'm more intrigued by the playwrights. i often stare at the displayed dates of birth and death and think about their lives and feel how sad it is they have died after all the creative effort and work they've put into making theatre that is immensely satisfying to them and to their audience.

i haven't seen a pinter play. there was 1 or 2 put on at drama school in my time but i didn't go for whatever reason. i read a recent pinter treatise on propaganda and the iraq war. i was impressed by the power of reason, the persuasive language and authority and passion the man poured through his pen onto paper (or keypad onto screen). i'd like to see a pinter play now the man has passed. all those classics with titles like the caretaker, or the birthday party. i like that, the birthday party. probably lots of vodkas and tails.

pinter seemed like the kind of person who could live on forever. his was a towering vibe, not a meek or angled one. there was presence and force about him. i only know that from the photos so really i don't know.

pinter's plays will likely live on. we have many authors & playscripts in our library whose work gathers dust. all these old samuel french editions of british playwrights from the turn of the century onward, left to lie dustily on our shelves with no interest taken by anyone. those men and women who wrote those plays, enjoying their writing, fervourous to create theatre, writing with their british know-how and mirth and empirical confidence and not acknowledging that in 80 years time no one will care just as no one will definitely be caring about what i'm writing about now in how ever many years time (count that on one hand lol)

i can't handle that people die. it sucks. i love you all and i want to be with you forever.

yes.... you.


You've been a busy bee, haven't ya :)

Like I said, I tried to comment from the BeBe but there wasn't enough space. It was trying to tell me "Do stop going on, Knitting Songbird!!!" I suppose

First of all, I like all the pics. Being the sometimes "morbid" person I am, I particularly like the pics of the cemetary. And it's funny 'cause your dad reminds me a lot of my dad - similar quasi-quiff hairdo and tough look in his eyes. And yeah, our folks went through a lot of pain and suffering, man, God bless 'em.

Harold Pinter. That name takes me back to first year uni when I studied Drama and had aspirations of doing a double major in Drama and Music. Never happened. I totally sucked at drama. Music too, come to think of it, but it didn't stop me from doing the major. I loved drama nonetheless and still have more than a passing penchant for Lorca, Chekov and Ionesco (actually studied him in French!), Lorca in particular. The professor was mighty impressed when I did an essay on him and went on to say that I had read almost his entire opus! Got my only A for that ;)

I'm not sure which Pinter play we studied then. Funny, looks like he didn't make such an impression on me. Guess I was just too much of a baby back then. Will have to look into his plays again one of these days.

And don't worry Ross - you've got your little legion of "fans" out here in the blog world that can't wait for your next instalment :) You just keep on writing, man.

And we'll all be together forever. Perhaps not in this form. But we will all be together.
ross b said…
Thanks Mary...lovely words...we will be together, all of us.

Hope you're well, talk soon, Ross

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