Don Walker's Blues

(posted on myspace)

I've posted a new song on MySpace...well, the song's not so new but it's a new addition for the 'space' anyway. Don Walker's Blues recorded by the band some five years ago. I play piano and sing lead vocal. Gav plays electric lead guitar, Mark w. plays bass and Pete Thompson's on drums. I've aped the style of Don Walker for this pithy dedication, Don being one of my biggest musical influences. The song came to my head one winter's night in 1993 as I was waiting for a connecting bus at Central. The song was completed soon after. I gave a copy to Don on tape after a Catfish concert. Don was also pleased by a very, very complimentary retrospective review I did of Cold Chisel's first album back in 1999. This is what he emailed to his publishers:

">Dear Jimi, Could you let Ross B_______ know that Bob Aird, the head of Rondor Music who publish my songs, sent me a copy of his retrospective review of the first CC album. It was very very complimentary. I look forward to hearing something called "Don Walker's Blues", but assure him that in all honesty I don't have much to whinge about. In the late seventies we used to know a very good guitar player from up towards Newcastle called B_______. Ask him if he's related.

Best Regards, Don."

Well I was chuffed, to say the least! Don Walker's the coolest guy on Earth. Kick-arse piano player, genius songwriter and quite likely, going by his honours degree, a genius physicist & mathematician. It's a cute song. I like the music. If the singing is cringeworthy at least enjoy the groove.


I was never really into Cold Chisel and Don Walker that much but I have to say I absolutely lurve "Danielle". What a poingnant and beautiful song. Just like "Caramel", it seems to have a bit of a "francais" feel to it if you know what I mean. Good stuff!
ross b said…
If you like Danielle Mary you should listen to some of the early stuff...the early jazz/blues stuff. You wouldn't believe it's "Cold Chisel"....songs like Rosaline (absolutely first class), The Party's Over, Just how many times, etc.

Don is Ace!!!

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