Photo Gallery: UNSW lower campus

Hiya! Here are some random photos of the Lower Campus @ the University of New South Wales, Kensington, Sydney Australia. The shots were taken during my lunch break, around 3pm, from drama school across the road on Anzac Parade. I decided on Wednesday I'd take my camera in the next day and shoot some afternoon cameos. The weather this week has been so sunny and yet delicately winter-soft in the afternoon. Needless to say I love lunch breaks on lovely days but hey, the rest of it, with district views, ain't too bad either! Enjoy!!
Uni bar fence, trees, a stage and alfresco drinking! The walkway above leads onto Anzac Parade. Drama school is across the road from there. Notice the trees overhangin the walkway have shed all their leaves.

'Birds of Paradise' shrubs are profuse at this campus.
That crane, reminds me of a puppy calling to attention... something hard and mechanical can actually appear innocent in a photo.

The oval, much play and frolic. Notice the Qantas (?) jet!

Above, nice metal art by the new law building that is to the side of the main walkway.

Nice, isn't it. I love the way the sun glistens through the trees.

The upper campus is nowhere near as pretty!!

I've been at this campus, either as a student (I did both my degrees there) or employee, since I was 18 pretty much, save for about 3 years. Much has changed since 1988. (In '88 we had a cafe with sofas of orange vinyl, sadly in '89 it got renovated, 'modern'ised...I miss the orange!)

Bye for now! (That's me in the photo there, a true Aussie magpie!!)


Anonymous said…
Oh man, has it changed since our uni days! I don't think I'd recognise it anymore if I went. It looks so "preppy" now - it was a bit more rough and tumble when we studied there, more Town called Malice than Harvard!!! Anyways, great shots as always, it was nice to take a cyber walk down memory lane :)

Take care,
The Knitting Songbird
ross b said…
Hey Knitting Songbird! Hmm, yes, Town called Malice with Clockwork started when all the renovations commenced. In 1988 Esme's cafe was covered with orange vinyl sofas! (and orange tiled signage!!)

Yeah the campus is constantly changing, aesthetically it's very pleasing and i enjoy trampling through the place everyday. I sometimes wonder if after 20 years i'm ever gonna leave there!!

You certainly did! Hope all's well, love Ross.

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