dream (22)

i bought a couple of albums on the weekend
and they were serious purchases too
one is Paul Weller's new album
22 dreams
and the other..
Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue
a remastered remixed repackaged rebookleted
re theworks double CD pack
for the new millennia
with bonus tracks added for extra tantalisemint
and a cd-rom pdf-file hidden somewhere in the swirly silver grooves
the bonus cd included in the pacific ocean blue toolkit
is of the unfinished Bambu album
...unfinished of course because Dennis was exhorting himself
on gigantean amounts of coke & booze
may he rest in peace
his was a gifted soul
a beach boy surfer and kick-arse rock'n'roll drummer
and arguably as gifted a composer as big brother bri

interestingly enough
as i listen to these albums
slowly carving rivers through my musical grey matter
they're actually quite alike in performance and style
Weller's album, 2008
Dennis Wilson's, 1977
it's very organic music
full of soul and flavour
gutsy immediate performances
inspired with a sense of life and nowness
the excitement news is...
Paul Weller is touring Australia in August
his first visit since the shire council
(...my sister's endearing name for TSC...!)
toured australia in 1985
...the Jam never made it here of course
in 1977 in a hotel in Leeds
an aggressive young weller glassed the manager of the australian rugby team
after the manager accidentally spilled weller's beers
only to cop a glass in the face from a wired mr Weller as retribution
weller ran for it
though bassist bruce foxton copped a ribbing in the kick
from a pack of aussie rugby players
not my idea of funn
and the jam never were to cross that equator
yet in 1985
Paul Weller landed here with the cleaner sounds of the style council
complete with brass bands and eighties leather caps
i was 15 at the time the style council toured osstraylia
and my interest in weller and the council was seeding fast
about to explode into an obsession for the Jam
if Weller's trip was a put a few months back
i would have been at the concert
calling out for 'going underground' or 'town called malice'
like the rest of them louts
some 23 years on
(....where does the time fly!!?....)
weller won't recognise the place
i hope he has and his band have a good time here
gigging and seeing many sights and places
sealines and gumtrees and desert
and on the 19th August
at the enmore theatre
i'll be there
to see and hear Weller & band crank it

as for dennis he passed on
at the age of 39
drowning in cold california waters
in december of 1983
i'm a big fan of Dennis Wilson
he's my favourite Beach Boy
...well...he and Brian are i suppose
followed by Carl
followed by Al
then ...a long way down, here comes mr mikey Love
bruce johnson somewhere between al & mike
dennis was the opposite of mike
mike is clean republican right-wing immensely-egotistical domineering
dennis was primal impulsive inspired musical wild nature-loving emotional
there is a lot to say about the beach boys
...one of my favourite bands...
and soon i will pen an article about dennis wilson
to give to my mate Gav who runs a monthly newsletter
called the Songsmith
he publishes most of what i grazenly offer him
after he berates me for my copious lack of grammatical judgement
and expertise
sorry i say
i've forgotten the rules
but i'm learning the runes
in anticipation of ruins
that's the important thing...

merry christmas
it's June 25
this is what Christmas should feel like
where i am December 25 is usually a long hot day
now the days are short and the house is freezing
no central heating in syd
i'm seriously in hibernation mode
i don't want to do anything
went to the studio last night
did a bit of work with acoustic guitar
frustrated because i couldn't get the sound right
and besides
i was non-plussed and not-interested
to be anywhere other than Home
as the thermometer hits 1 July
i'm sure some motivation will begin to swell in me
until then
this brown bear signs cave closed!



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