Welcome to my first blog dear woman, or man, and your little doggie...

I'd only discovered recently what the word "blog" actually is - after falling into Steve Kilbey's blog universe I got the hear these newfound techno-words bandied about for years until you discover what they actually are (well, it takes me that long!), "podcast" is another of those 'key'words...

But, my intention is to be more primal and bring up topics that are of interest to me generally, I may not know much about them, but I have a feeling for them - and I want to connect to people spritually and integrally.

Pretty soon we are going to enter the "us vs them" era of our westernised life, and they (Kilbey calls them "straights") are going to win, until the final curtain does away with it all. Let's bandie together and be real, true beings of Light.

But more importantly, ...I suppose I just wanna practise and get an idea of what this blog is all about!!


Anonymous said…
You blog from the heart and from the head simultaneously. Well done 'bass blogger'...
Rock till you drop from Djembe Pete.

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