End of a Civilisationist

Here are the lyrics to a song I've recently recorded and posted on myspace (www.myspace.com/rossmusician)... the song won't go on any album and musically is like early-Church in the verses, and bares more than a passing similarity to Don Walker's (Cold Chisel) 'Conversations' from their 'Breakfast at Sweethearts' album of 1979. The song is about peace and love, but it may not appear that way at first glance....go to myspace to listen!

Regards, Ross

End of a Civilisationist
Copyright Ross B 2008

I’m not one to cry about some building crashing down
or the stars and stripes that shoulder their capital foundations
I love it when I lose my money
better to blow it now before the inevitable post-wake looting!

I’m just an end of a Civilisationist
an end of a Civilisationist
I’m just an an end of a Civilisationist
blow it now, tomorrow we’ll be gone
(tomorrow we’ll be gone)

I drive some trendy car, I couldn’t give a shit
realms and realms of A4 paper premium dust-binned
I got almost everything I think I need
enough to grimace at the losers left sleeping in rags on the streets, because they’re…

…end of a civilisationists
they’re end of a civilisationists
they’re at the end of this Civilisationist!
blow ‘em now tomorrow they’ll be gone

I see a light burning through the night....

I’m not one to make a fuss if things don’t go my way
so don’t expect my sympathy when you tell me of your pain
there’s only one state that I care to be
and that’s to be as free as the sunshine
as free as the birds and the trees
cause I’m an end of a Civilisationist…..

Copyright Ross B 2008

Recording engineered, mastered & drum programmed by Stewart Havill at Sound Dog Recording Studios, Lane Cove, Sydney.
All other instruments, voice, production & mixing by Ross.


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