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Reincarnation theories seem to be widely accepted amongst the general populace these days, as far as I'm aware. The other day I read somewhere - I think it was in one of those pick-up freebies you find in health food shops (or was it on the net??) - the idea of the purpose of existence as it is now with six-billion plus people roaming the planet is so that all souls can have this one chance of "cracking it", ie, self-discovery and all that it entails. The article made the interesting point that the world today resembles a train-station at rush-hour; this I believe is true (and self-evident).

I found myself disagreeing with the first statement, that all these souls are here now to have the chance to crack the code and go off to Nirvana. (The Earth is bleeding, corroding, dying, but never mind...). I started to ponder the idea that perhaps there are no souls, that there is really only one soul, that of life, or God, that resembles a gooey amoeba of sorts that glugs out into an interminable amount of beings and life-forms at all varying levels of consciousness, and all to return to its gooey source when the life-form passes away. And that perhaps it doesn't matter if the universe consists of a village of ten citizens or a few billion galaxies of hundred squillion planets of life-forms each to to the power of a zillion squillions. No matter the number, all are projected out from the one 'source', to return to that source upon physical death.

Again, this is actually a self-evident proposition. Life-forms on our planet started with a few microbes that manifested outward from the sea and onto land that over millions of years have led to this moment where I'm typing on my computer and I hear thuds next door and the cars are skimming up and down the road at 60kph outside my window. It's been expansion, expansion, expansion, with a few extinctions along the way it appears. For what goes up comes down, that which expands, finally contracts.

It's occurred to me this idea of my own soul being everyone's soul. That there is really no such thing as reincarnation in the way that people generally accept notions and ideals of reincarnation. If I, for example, am my 'being', the one being that is shared by all beings, then there is nothing to reincarnate for this being, this 'I', always is, always was, and always will be, at which the notion of reincarnation becomes pointless, null and void.

Moreover, this I may always be, may always "was", and may always "is", but my projected person is not. This again is self-evident as it's only a matter of time before my body and every body will die. The question is, then, when we die, what happens to our 'I'-ness, our conscious life-awareness that comes behind our conditioned, mortal person. And when we're born, where have we come from and how did we come to fall into our lives like a piece that's flown down from the sky and landed on a board during a chess-game in full-flurry?

Life is so full and real in these bodies so that unless we think about the past and use calculation and reason, we've never actually known a time when we are dead, although we do now that we sleep for a third of our lives and yet can't remember our sleep. Similarly, we don't remember our past lives. Some people have been known to step back in time and can remember their past lives, and if they do, it's a miracle of the psychic realm, not the spiritual realm. Remembering past lives is like learning to see auras or ghosts or to bend silver spoons with mind-power; it's a psychic phenomenom and doesn't bend the fact the fact that life as we see it and sense it and live it is always now.

Perhaps our lives aren't really personal in the way we like to make them personal. Maybe is the fact that we personalise or ego-sensate our lives that cause all sense of separation and unhappiness. Maybe the value of our lives is, within the course of one living life, to negate the psychic past in us that we all pick up to various degrees when we're born, and to do the best we can with it. We can become more pure, more real, more alive within, by becoming more aware of the present moment and not giving in to our conditioned selves, our doubts, fears, moods, depressions etc, as best we can. I've felt that purity myself at sporadic moments. "I" as the conditioned self didn't exist and instead I was energy, light, creative, like sun, like a baby. Trying to get to that place only ever takes you further away. Sometimes it just creeps up on you like the first rays of dawn.

I heard it said somewhere that man and woman, or the male and the female, are the two principals of god, or life, in existence. Well, they're certainly the two principles or manifestations of life-forms that allow each species to procreate. Male and female interaction is creative because, quite obviously, it creates life, or life-forms. And this is where the notions of tantra kick in, that sexual union at its most pure form creates a oneness that is physically manifested by the male and female principle, the woman and man of the species. That 'God', or 'love', is made.

These are all thoughts...I'll get back to them someday. I'm tired now and will be off to bed to experience that third of our lives that we all share, is beyond memory and is demonstrable of our wonderful oneness!


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