Radio Skidrow, KOMPACTION, 88.9FM

Frank Sultana hosting behind the desk of Radio Skidrow in Marrickville, 88.9FM, KOMPACTION show.

A few weeks ago I was asked by Frank Sultana to come along and guest on live community radio. KOMPACTION is a program that features singer-songwriters. Frank - a brilliant songwriter and musician (he has an awesome feel for blues) and who plays both guitar and piano - booked me in for April 13. We played tracks from my album, and other tracks from more recent recordings.

We kicked off with 'Ride' from the Sea in June album (I wish I called the album something else...), and then 'End of a Civilisationist' from my new batch of recordings. I then sang 'Alexandria' and 'Every Girl just wants to be my friend' live to air, after which we mistakingly played the newest version of 'Sea in June' featuring Brigette on lead vocal as we couldn't find the song I wanted, 'Secrets', on this recently mastered CD of relatively newly recorded tracks.

I talked about each song prior to or after performing them. Frank and I discussed songwriting, live performance, and playing and working with other musicians. I told him about Brigette and the Eva Cassidy duo we've worked on, Velvet Road who I currently play live with, and ZaraMeow who I collaborated with. Frank remembered Zara and remarked on what a great voice she had, at which I proceeded to sing my newest song, 'Mercy of your moods', live.

Frank played tracks from Lincoln Davies new CD. It was a beautifully sonorous track with Lincoln's rich nylon-string guitar being complimented by djembe and chocolatey cello.

Finally, we spun 'Diamicron Baby' from my album (I wish I called my album 'Diamicron Baby'), and I sang 'Secrets' live as the tail-out.

Frank was surrounded by CDs. Much of this music is very good. Frank marvelled at how much talent there is out there, that it's a scene about to burst through and happen. We can certainly hope so. But in the meantime it was fun to go live on radio and spurt forth verbally and musically...

we can go for the Ride, HEY!!!!!!!!!


veleska1970 said…
that is so cool that you were on the radio!! wish i could have been able to hear it. but i don't think the radio waves travel THAT far, LOL. :) did they give you a complimentary tape?
Nick said…
Cool article Ross, I enjoyed reading it. I remember Frank from the Basement a few months ago when you guys played there.

Cheers and Uzbek beers
redgrevillea said…
Hi Veleska, a friend taped it onto his computer and gave me a copy, but's sooo embarrassing!! lol!

Hi Nick, I've really withdrawn recently. Part of me is very happy just to stop gigging, or cut it down. I just want to move into my new flat and hibernate!! (still a month to go)

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