groovus RSLius

from the balcony of the Newtown RSL, a few hours ago

For someone who's mostly perceived as gentle and calm ('sweet', even), I'm not one who's known to 'lose it', to 'blow my gasket' as it were. Happens very rarely at work (although they've been very few occasions). It's usually when I'm out gigging that I curiously metamorphose into a somewhat different creature, becoming like a lioness defending her cubs and territory.

This afternoon the band were specifically asked to do a set at the Newtown RSL in Enmore. They really wanted us there, to headline for an awards giving ceremony for a song competition. Now I usually have no input or involvement with song comps at all, but because we were asked to perform, and because a lot of mates were there, I said yes to it. The timing wasn't terrific as it's a warm sunny day. And being a Sunday afternoon, I would much rather have spent the time relaxing at home.

There were free beers on offer, which was nice. I had three light beers as these provide only mild buzz and low blood-alcohol readings. I arrived at 2:45. The dank, burgundy interior contrasted vividly with the summer whiteshine outside. We were meant to go on by about 3:30. By the way of things - and it was no-one's fault (other than an overall feeling of casualness amongst the participants and organisers) - we weren't on by 4pm at which we had to forfeit our set. I blew my top. I stormed over, picked up my bass, and made a rush out, grumbling my displeasure all the way. But Pete the percussionist held me back to say that there could be a chance to play, and as it turned out, the trivia man who was scheduled to start his show at 4pm generously allowed us to do a 10 minute set. He only just got there in time anyway, and he had a hangover (like Gav our guitarist) and told us it was all "easygoing".

So we got up and did three storming songs and it went very well, and I was much more settled afterward. It's not the playing or "not playing" that bothers me so much as having been specifically asked to come and play and then being told "we've run out of time". I can't stand that sort of disorganisation. I'm a little peculiar that way. I've been told I have a "soothing personality" and a "lovely energy" and how kind I am, and all that. But really, I'm not a laid-back type. In many ways, yes, I am laid-back, but I'm also forward-thinking and acting and very much into precision and organisation. I'm antsy and quirky and becoming more like Woody Allen's character in 'Annie Hall' with each passing day. I'm not really a groovy social-type. I'm intense yet very personable and prefer one-on-one relations.

Across the road from the Newtown RSL is Notes where I saw the Church last Thursday. It was a fabulous gig, and a fine venue, although I think it's a former wedding reception hall given the layout, stage, and room dimensions. I had a great time enjoying the band and the music and meeting some other sk bloggers. The band were in fine form, always are, and continue to weave musical magic together.

Two weeks ago the band headlined at the Basement, on a Monday night granted. Turned out to be a fun gig. Juggling a full-time job and lots of gigging is hard. I do love my downtime, relaxing and just re-energising. I'll talk more about this band in further detail in another blog, but to say I wrote up a stream-of-consciousness bio (the concept is not mine) that can be found here.

Often, almost always, I love nothing better than a walk in the park with the birds singing and the late-afternoon sun glistening through the trees; heck, that's what I'll do right now!

And later on tonight I may skip up to Bondi Junction to see Avatar. More on that, and Sam W, later. My dear friend drove up from Sydney for the Northern Rivers (and Southern Cross University) on Friday so I'll likely be doing more things on my own from now on. But coming into autumn, that will be the perfect time to recharge and reflect, and stay cool and calm. And gentle.


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