shurrup Suit!!!

You know, sometimes I do have this fantasy of the world blowing up and our civilisation collapsing along with it, to see the whole structure and edifice coming down like fluff cards, bringing down volumes of dust and rubble that'll see the end of us all.

Many are predicting that this will happen one way or the other, and not before too long too.

I mean, I love life. I love nature, trees, walks in the park. I love the people I love, I love acoustic guitars made of beautiful wood, I love ukuleles, I love garden-fresh salads....

it's just that...I'm continually dismayed at civilisation's drawing card - money - and the power and sway it has on people, along with the bondage, burden, sacrifice and humiliation it inflicts upon the majority of the world's people and their lives, particularly us lot in the west.

How capricious is investment. Investing in property for fuck's sake, or the friggin' share market. The non-Westerners (and Easterners) had it right by living off and from the land. All this hype about where to put your money. It's incredulous, but if you've read Ancient History - ie, Greece & Rome particularly - you realise that nothing changes. Societies are built around greed and avarice that are essentially of no real value to the individual human being.

On the TV tonight: a major bank is caught having extravagant parties for its top performing lenders hosted at tropical Hamilton Island where $400000 was spent. Well this sort of thing has been happening since time began. You make shitloads of money and you treat yourself lavishly as the majority of the population are paying you in "interest"; interest that builds up in the scores and often hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 30-year period, merely for the privilege of owning your own home. For that money, in Sydney now, you can actually purchase a studio apartment with shared loo and spend your entire life paying it off! And then some.

I'm wary of real-estate agents & car-dealers, basically anyone who deals in big money. I don't like their drive and focus on something that is, well, lacking in any real soul. This includes professional investors. It's all about getting, getting getting. What about being thankful and grateful for what we've got, which is so much??? What about a bit more simplicity, and a lot more community, more connection that is true and not tied to stocks and money and mortgage rates.

We all have to make the effort and focus on it to make it work, to link the neurons as it were.

It's harder living in the big city than say, living in a hip town or community where these values are often nourished and given credence in people's habits and lifestyles.

Just look at it all. Structures. Western civilisation. Potentially dangerous climate change. Droughts. Resource/energy depletion. World gaps between the starving and the affluent.

May you live in interesting times.



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