Writers rite

I cracked open my first module today for the online creative writing course I joined up for.  I'm nervous and remain unsure of where to go with this.  It's difficult to concentrate on too much information in one sitting taking into account I've been at work all day.  I listened to the first two modules today.  One sentence that struck me in particular is that when one famous writer got asked what's the difference between a writer and a non-writer the answer is "writers write".  It's that simple, explained the module presenter.   

I'm not comfortable with the word "writer".  I just enjoy writing without that tag being entrusted on me.  I mean, Dostoyevsky is a "writer", and yet so is Augusten Burroughs for that matter, and Andrew McGahan, both of whom reflect my style and attitude and experience in ways that the aged masters of tome could never do.  I suppose I don't see too far beyond my contemporary urban nihilism, unless we're talking about tapping the mighty energy of the forests.  For the present, however, I've landed myself in the course and therefore have to persist with it, listening to the modules (and concentrating), reading the handouts, presenting assignments.  I have this lurking though utterly absurd fear that I'm going to replicate what George Constanza did on that episode of Seinfeld, ie dump the course and eat popcorn and watch the film.  No, it's not going to happen.  I shall marathon this course and the prescribed modules.  It's just that I do tire of hearing about 1st person, 3rd person, omniscient narrator (come to think of it I do like that phrase..), tense past & present and the rest of it after a while.  But structure needs to be learned; so there it is, that's why I'm here.

I'm really too tired to keep writing but I'll bear with it for a little while longer until I drop off this chair, which won't be long.  I did a couple of swell gigs yesterday in Newtown with Zara, particularly the first gig being at the Sando in the late afternoon.  We had a full set of heads in front of us as we performed a full set ourselves to good reception.  It was a lot of fun.  By the end of the night I became queasy with exhaustion after what had been a big week beforehand with plays on after work at drama school on consecutive nights.  It had been well-worth it though, and Sunday's music-making was great, and I'm loving it.  

Today was the first day of the year where a jacket was required, walking around campus during the middle of the day with green/brownish leaves beginning to fluster around more readily as autumn kicks in.  Even now, the temperature has dropped sufficiently to allow for some long-sleeve action in bed.  Thankfully, wonderfully for how good it is to sleep when the temperature cools down that bit more.  I'm looking forward to the cooler weather.  It has been a great summer, but I'm over the heat now.  I'm looking forward to some cold nights, so bring it on.

I ain't re-reading what I've just written, too tired.  I'm off to sleep. zzz!

...and I've read about 50 pages of Mockingbird thus far.  Yes it is kinda good.


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