reeling in the world

Here's a quote from Survival Acres' most recent update:

"...exploitation, ownership and greed are root evils in humans that continue to plague mankind.

We’ve wrongly exalted these qualities as being the earmarks of “success”, when it is really among the worst kind of human behavior there is. We’ve created a world based upon competition instead of sharing, exploitation instead of nurturing, and false ideas of ownership and possession as means and measurements to provide meaning in life. Effectively, we are all forced to “compete” for everything, even those things that should still be free (the right to life, liberty and security, which includes food, water, shelter, clothing and housing).

We demean those that refuse these abominable lies, and exalt and praise those and even reward those who excel in it. Don’t believe it? Examine how we humans treat the “poor”, homeless, hungry, impoverished and needy. We are truly horrible when it comes to understanding what is really valuable in this world. We’ve got it all backwards. And quite frankly, most of us are simply too dumb to know it."

I recall a Michael Leunig cartoon with two frames and captions. The first frame contains a drawing of birds sitting contentedly on the branches of tree with the caption reading "Why do birds do this?" with the second frame having one bird sitting up on a tree branch staring frowningly and severley down onto a group of birds that are on the ground and looking up at this one frowning bird. There is a sign next to the bird on the tree, "Branches for Rent", with the caption reading "when they could do this?"

Living is compex and complicated with jobs and houses and living arrangements and blasted money and all it serves to do is to complicate our relationships with one another and to remove us further from our own integrity and connectedness. I wonder what pure freedom is like. One thing's for sure, we in the West are so far removed from all of that and other than total wipeout I'm not sure how we can return to that kind of free, magnificent Eden, where life is true, powerful, splendid and glorious.

But then, sometimes I enjoy it, so.....


Ah, money, can't live with it, can't live without it. I'm at present without much and have learnt to appreciate the little things as much as I can. And I find myself much happier as a result.

Only problem is, I have a constant bout of itchy feet and don't know how to cure it without money...ah well, who knows, maybe the Lord will provide for that trip to France I'm planning with me mate Davor :)))
ross b said…
All we can do is realise the Western World is made up of 99.999999% people with itchy feet, so we can all take comfort that we all share itchy feet in unison!

I got itchy fingers, I want to write a book, my feet just want to stay in Oz, for the mo ;)

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