Paul the Prince

Why do I love Paul Weller so much?? Well here's but one stirling example..

Broken Stones performed on the Jools Holland show in 1995. The song appears on 1995's Stanley Road, perhaps the album that is most indicative of Weller at the apogee of his powers (although the man has hit many peaks with great albums scattered throughout 30 years of record-making).

Weller's Broken Stones is up there with any of his finest songs. This is classic songwriting that mixes toe-tappin' soul with Otis Redding vocal stylings. Weller looks great, plays the piano great, sings great, is utterly fluid and in the groove with his music. Great hair, great jacket, fantastic cravat!!

You're the prince, Paul!


OMG, this is so f***ing good!

I haven't listened to much Weller, only The Shire Council ;) and The Jam. This has definitely peaked my interest in the man. Might just go out and download a CD or two...

And BTW, I love "unplugged" TV performances. They certainly separate the men from the boys. And Paul's definitely a man :)))
ross b said…
Much of Weller's finest work is his solo stuff. I think he reached a peak with Wildwood & Stanley Road (1993 & 1995) and the new album 22 Dreams.

....come to think of it Wildwood & Stanley Road are a MUST-HAVE!!! Take it from me, if you're into Weller then you'll need to get yourself into two of his greatest albums!!

But yeah, what a great video, phew! :)

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