EGJW 2 BMF live @ Kellys on King, Newtown

Ah, my first foray into youTube! I'd just registered onto this ubiquitous website this evening, through my work computer (after hours, of course!;), and posted my own video filmed last night on my fujifilm camera at a gig at Kellys on King Street in Newtown. Thanks Gav for filming a song for me!

That's Pete Thompson on djembe, a gentle giant, fine drummer, Master Chiropractor. The song? 'Every Girl Just Wants To Be My Friend' written back in 2002. It was written very quickly, coming to me utterly spontaneously during a bout of classical piano practice. Is it autobiographical?? Fundamentally, No!! ;) Some of the sentiments however, particularly in the middle eight of the song, continue to hold some resonance for me.

It's not the most perfect performance of the song but the energy and spirit was good, and we got the crowd rollicking and buzzing with it. The guitar could have been eq'd better. ..ah what the's merely a corny country song anyway!!

The guitar is my Maton EM325C featuring all-Australian woods: Queensland Walnut (laminate) back & sides, Queensland Maple neck, & solid Bunya Pine top.

Enjoy!! ..And here are my lyrics!..

Every Girl Just Wants to be My Friend

© ross b 2006

I gotta life that flows against the stream
it's like a salmon that’s flailing around the seam
but I was made for lovin'
but I’ve become some comic figure
every Girl Just Wants to be My Friend

I gotta load, of good intention yeah
I got my vices but that’s anybody’s fare
so I prepare for the showdown
but all I got is an itchy trigger
every Girl Just Wants to be My Friend

I’ve yearned for times we passed on by
This ripe old world had yet been fried
Our innocence is all we had
And still this baby cries

I’m pretty good at conversation, yeah
and the photos are judged as good catch fare
but when it comes to the lowdown
I become some scary monster
every Girl Just Wants to be My Friend


Whoo whoo! Welcome to the Tube! I have to say I'm pretty hooked to it, watch something or other every day.

I've uploaded only one of my videos on it so far - waves in Quiberon. No live performances yet :)))

You're too self-critical Ross (here's the pot calling the kettle black ;). It was a great performance, man. Wish I coulda been there!

Take care and keep playin'
ross b said…
Hey Mary, thanks for that. Yeah with blogger, email, myspace, facebook & youtube one could live their entire waking lives in the virtual world!!

..hey what's happened to blogger?? My comments thingy and time of posting etc isn't displaying at the bottom of this blog!! How annoyance ! :-0

Regards, Ross
Polydora said…
You've lived this long without YouTubin'?

How have you managed?

ross b said…
Yep, been campin' with u-tube at friend's computers, or work (where I am now *heehee*), but have used it minimally due to those constraints. Soon I'll have broadband and I'll be able to surf the site freely!

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