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Here is a photo taken today of my retina:

I visited my optometrist John E for my yearly retinopathy checkup. As I've had elevated blood sugar levels in the past (very elevated blood sugar levels) its mandatory I take a yearly check up. Well, to cut a long story short, I reversed my condition by throwing my tablets down the toilet and reaching out instead for natural remedies and supplements combined with a consistent walking & exercise plan. I have not looked back.

I've never felt better or healthier, and I haven't yet succumbed to cold or flu this winter unlike most of the people around me. It's been 5 years since I've last taken antibiotics.

The optometrist dilated my pupils with rather stinging fluid and during the interim we chatted a while. He was very impressed with my motivation and dedication to stay healthy, and his belief is that it's all about loving yourself. He says this, because he sees too many patients with the, umm, sugar problem, just give up on themselves. As I'll explain, it's all in the eyeball.

The photos of each eye stung, for minutes all I could see in front of me was a perfectly round white flash, as if the moon herself was staring me right in the eyeballs.

John E was very proud and impressed with my photo, it is the picture of a perfectly healthy eye. He explained to me a bit about the nerves but what I noticed was that the veins look healthy and alive and to me, the colour seemed good. The photo looked soft, cushioned, and loving. It looks like a circular representation of sun and moon.

I don't know all the terminologies etc but the darker spot ("moon") I think is the macular and I forgot what the light "sun" is. With retinopathy problems the tiny nerves begin haemorrhaging and form tiny spots of blood. It's not until this gets very bad that vision begins to be affected.

John E showed me what this looks like; I found this to be very disturbing. He showed me the photo of a diabetic eye of a taxi driver who apparently, doesn't take good care of himself. The photo was taken a year ago. There were little red spots scattered in the photo, the colour was 'dirtier' and the veins looked lighter. Not the most pleasant image. I was then shown a photo of 6 months later. This had me shocked. ...fucking awful...I kept gasping. There was a pool of red over the lower third of the eye, apparently, that's major heamorrhaging. John turned his gaze over to me to say ...this man did not love himself enough. Perhaps this is why he lacked the fortitude and motivation to do little to help heal himself?...we don't know.

I felt humbled and thankful as I left the clinic. I couldn't see properly for a couple of hours with or without my glasses due to the forced dilation of my pupils. As I walked the streets of Randwick junction, drinking a celebratory coffee and doing a bit'o'shopping, I felt loved, and grateful to G. This is what love looks like, the perfect retina, all pink and supple with beautiful red veins.

The big test of course, is the blood test, in 3 months time. Wish me luck!


veleska1970 said…
WOW!!! uber-cool photo. i began wearing glasses when i was 10, and i've been through a gazillion of the tests you described, but i've never seen a picture of the inside of my eyeball. i guess the next time i see my ophthalmologist i will have to ask him if he can do this for me.

the closest i have come to anything like this is the multiple MRIs and CT scans i've had of my brain, for that head injury i suffered in 1991. i'll have to blog about that later on, but i'm just on my way to work in a bit and it'll have to wait....

oh, i almost forgot to comment on the herbal remedies~~forgive me for forgetting to thank you for your suggestion the other day. i keep thinking i need to try herbals. been thinking that for some time now. my fiance used to own an herbal shop, and he swears by herbals. he takes ginseng and bee's knees (or something like that, haha, i'm not really sure what it is since i'm not familiar), and he's healthy as an ox. me, on the other hand, i am just not sure. i guess because my mother was a registered nurse and all my life i've been exposed to the "medical" side of life, my health has been regulated by that discipline.

hmmm....i have thought about your suggestion, and i have an appointment in a few weeks again with the psychiatrist. i'll have to think about asking him about it. (of course, i know he'll tell me that the medical way is the way to go...)
ross b said…
hey Veleska! :)

i quietly asked the optometrist if i could have a disc of the retina photo partly because it's such a cool photo and i thought it would make a fantastic blog lol!!

with the herbals, yes it is definitely worth investigating and i'm sure you could do very well with them. But I think it's a slow process as it's advisable to proceed with caution both ways, ie, with medication and with herbals...I relate this specifically to herbals that will affect a specific condition as it could contraindicate your medications and vice versa. But do investigate and proceed slowly and be vigilant with whatever it is you need to do.

Nevertheless there are supplements and herbals available that aid as general tonics. These are quite miraculous in their healing powers. I'd recommend strongly to investigate Coenzyme Q10. Another tonic is Olive Leaf Extract for general well-being & immunity. There are many others. Later I'll email you a list of what I take morning to night - ...not at all to suggest to you to follow suit, but, as merely an example of a supplement/herbal regimen that is, along with daily exercise, a fair-whack of well-being. As it is I do take things like garlic and fenugreek that are are run of the mill herbs, ...unfortunately i have to be careful because they emit a rather spicy bodily odour!

Medications do save lives no doubt though in my investigations and experience i must confess i'm dubious as to their long term curative abilities and effects on the body... - I may be wrong though, keep an open mind as you deal with what it is you need to deal with on a medical level.

Let me know how you go mentioned I'll keep you in touch with my regimen and post that soon. I wish you all the best with it, you're a lovely person.

Kindest regards, r.

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