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diss organised

A change is coming over me. A change is coming over the world. The world is always changing, in flux. I definitely am. I'm in the cross exchange-settlement phase of my apartment purchase, and look forward to moving in during the second week of June. It'll be coming into winter. The apartment, with its ground level position and floorboards, will be cold. I'll make sure to bring my slippers with me.
I've lost interest in going out and playing music. I'm not even that driven to write anymore. Jesus, a year ago I was seriously into the idea of writing a book. Now I feel there's nothing to prove, and with that, why bother? I'm sure this is merely a phase, as it were, and I look forward to carrying on with narrative, prose, creative non-fiction, music reviews, and the rest of it over time. For the moment however, my mojo is entirely fixated on settling into my illustrious 42 square metres of good ol' ozzie Eden, and with that, paying off the mortga…