hunters hill & woolwich

today i met up with sarah at a park in woolwich for a historical walk around the hunters hill area. hunter's hill and woolwich are situated on a peninsula that juts off gladesville just over the bridge from drummoyne when driving in from balmain or rozelle. neither of us have ventured into the area much at all during our lives so it was of great surprise and delight to us to discover and walk through this historic area. there were spectacular water views, tree lined streets and frontage of houses that sprouted liberal and varied amounts of wonderful foliage. the houses themselves were amazing, there were sandstone cottages (hunters hill is known for its sandstone), beautiful weatherboard cottages and loving restored federation homes. the area felt genteel and safe and unlike many other blue-ribbon areas it didn't have a narcy edge to it. we felt comfortable walking the streets of this fine area that - whilst being close to the inner & northern western suburbs, the north shore, and the city and eastern suburbs - felt like a little getaway for us, a holiday in our own city.

i love beautiful areas, moreso than ever. i'd love to live somewhere really splendid. perhaps hunters hill is it but where does the money come from? sometimes, in observing the way some people live, i do happen to think it grows on trees, only that a select few know where to find or cultivate these magic trees. money will buy a beautiful sweet little home, yes. i'd love that. with a piano, yeah, a beautiful piano. and trees goddamn, trees and wonderful foliage that glistens in the afternoon sunlight.

way over yonder, yeah, that's where i'm bound...


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