my internet is down

My internet is down ~ I shall explain another day. If there's time I may blog onto MSWord and spew forth the alphabet soup onto blogger via my wok computer. I should be up and running with broadband within a couple of weeks, hopefully.

I'll likely be using internet cafes during this period, such as this one in Charing Cross Waverley. Unfortunately I won't have the time to surf and read blogs as much as I'd like to. I hope to be up and running asap.

At the mo there's always MS Word, an old computer to dismantle and files to backup, books to read and ukuleles to strum.

Hectic crazy shmozzle ~ keywords for the day, for the week goneby actually.


I hope you do get around to writing yer blog - love reading it, as you well know.

How was Bernie?
ross b said…
Thanks so much Mary!

I didn't do Bernie on Saturday, I was too busy applying his teachings..


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