internal rain

I kind of can't believe it.  As we make our rapid ascent onto summer's alpine heights, the Dec 21 solstice, Christmas, and the promise of warm weather with long outstretched evenings of sun and uplift, we find our Staff xmas party has been dampeningly compromised by cool jacket-wearing weather and heavy rain.  

I had to wonder are we in Sydney or Seattle??

It was kind of a pity as it dampened my mood somewhat.  I enjoyed some nice conversations and talked to people I've otherwise not properly spoken to talk to at my fairground institution.  None of it truly sunk in.  I was left as uninspired as attempting to walk home in the pouring rain which I didn't do.  I had initially hoped to walk home, but that was not to be.

I had two wines, a light beer, and loads of water.  I chatted and flitted about.  The wine was cheap shit which I can sort of feel doing a number on my head right now.   Our hire-room was good.  It was held upstairs in the historical Randwick Ritz cinema, a exemplary art deco cinema house that had been lovingly restored fairly recently.  There was an outdoor balcony with chairs and tables, and an unfinished cover for it, so standing outside in it was a fairly useless exercise save for wishing to be drenched.

It was good to get some muso industry goss'n'stories from our Audio and AV guy Felix who's certainly been around the scene, partly as a performer though mainly as a mixer for some top-line Australian acts.  He promised to give me his live hard-disc recordings of Don Walker performing with his band the Suave Fucks.  Of this I'm pleased about.

Many drought-stricken areas of the state are and have been receiving ample rainfall over the past week.  I'm very pleased about this.  This is a true Christmas gift for the farmers of NSW, their livestock and crops, and livelihoods.  My pensive mood holds no sway to this.  For this reason I'm pleased it's raining heavily.

It's moreso the internal rain that remains that little bit harder to delicately handle.


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