the long white cloud of Movember

Centennial Park, Sydney, 7:14pm, Sunday 30 November

Movember, the month where causal Aussie men grow moustaches to raise communal awareness and funds for prostate cancer research and men's depression. I sponsored a friend of mine, being the philanthropist I am, simply because I too care about these issues. I find I'm caring more and more about more and more issues with each passing day. Depression of course is a biggie. Depression affects about 1 in 4, (or is it 1 in 5) Australian adults. I sort of thank God I don't suffer this affliction as a rule. Melancholy, wistfulness, perhaps, but not the big-D. I was a depressed child and a terribly erratic and moody young man. Thank THANK God....I've grown and evolved....

I really do feel I have a lot to be grateful for...*heartstrings*

I can't grow a moustache, I start to look like uncle Joe:-0 ..But I'm more than willing to sponsor anyone wishing to sprout a month's worth of handlebar for a very worthy cause.

The last day of November, sunny and mild with warm sun, and thankfully humid-less. A welcome end to a rather dour, cloudy month, fitting more of a New Zealand spring. At least three-quarters of the days throughout November have been unpleasantly cloudy, or icky. Perhaps this time of year I'm spoilt for sunshine, or the longing for it. In two weeks time, 15-19 December I'm taking a week's leave off work. I'm hoping the weather will be warmly delicious. I shan't be going anywhere, except perhaps Bundeena (south of Sydney) if the weather's nice, but I'd like to swim, read, write, play music, and go out to the uke clubs and gigs at night, have a merry time. Tis the season, after all ;)

And I sorta need a rest from wok. I suppose we all do...

At the last Sunday of each season Centennial Park hosts a car free day, so walking the circumference of the park on these days is all the more an uplifting experience. These photos were taken with my cellphone (the best aspect of the phone, imo) and immediately published onto the phone's complimentary website, Cellphone Camera Photo Dumpsite.

And this morning I was on the web with my croaking dial-up connection comparing prices on computers. I've been vacillating between purchasing a laptop, or desktop. I even called up a friend asking for advice. I decided almost hesitatingly with the desktop, plus I've signed a contract to be connected to ADSL2+ for 18 months at my current abode. Whether or not I stay here for 18 months is another matter....oh well, you take yer chances...!

so, yeah, finally i'm on broadband...or will be so in about two weeks time..

As I was powerwalking and breathdeeping around Centennial Park this evening I was feeling somewhat crusty and rueful about the bombardment of technology into our lives, as we are, enbounded by wires and wiFi-waves encircling and encasing our vitality and equanimity. Twelve years ago or so, widespread internet and cellphone use was at its early, formative stages. I wish it was 1996 again ...

And tonight, I sit down to write this, check email, surf the net a bit and realise how old my functionally-impaired computer is, and how dreadfully slow dial-up internet is.

So I'm kinda glad now things will be better and faster! *shrug*

Reading other blogsites, uploading photos, surfing myspace and listening to music (...I have much catching up to do on mySpace!), maintaining my own myspace page, uploading sounds, maintaining the blog-page & websites, watching u-tube, uploading vids onto u-tube, becoming involved with music-sharing sites, promotion of my music....these things I shall be able to do over fast broadband.

...I have a penchant for reading newspapers from all over the world. (I'm now starting to get excited!)

...And I can have this rickety old computer sent off for recycling....that is the very best part of it all! :)


Depression...I had a bad bout of it after my dad passed. I get the blues occasionally but thank God, nothing too serious...

I sort of get bewildered by the amount of technology I've let into my life at times to be quite honest. I'm writing this from my BlueBerry for example. But it does make me happy to hear from friends on the other side of the globe for 0 cents at breakneck speed. I was actually thinking of setting up a "chat" with you again via Facebook one day this week. Loved that!

Talk soon,
ross b said…
Yes there are advantages to this world, of blogs & msypaces etc. I enjoy the blog and the people I've met through it. You get to meet and interact with people you ordinarily wouldn't.

We gotta take the positives of things, and gracefully eschew the negatives.

Have a good one, rb, where it's a warmin' up!

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