Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today I went into a mate's website
he's a songwriter & soccer fan
i'm the former not the latte
i read in passing on his site
of the unexpected passing of a man
a star soccer player captain
he died suddenly of heart attack
at age 26
he looked stunning
exotic and latino
a beautiful body
at the prime of his man-suit

i was incredibly saddened by this
our bodies can come to grief anytime
and the life that animated and zoomed them into delirious existence
can bolt through at any micro moment
and leave the billions of cells and dna patterns
the organic yet industrially precise bio-chemic structures
blacked out forever like the closing credit of the cinema
the cinema of our lives
our passions our hates our gifts our loves

our bodies can leave us at any time
any moment of any given day
from the centurion
to the man or woman in the prime of their blossom
to the child unexpectedly hit by the bus of life
and to my darling acorn

why do we fight?
and why do we throw up walls with each other?
life's too short for this crap
open up and let the love shine through
it's all we have
in the end
when it all passes on
the inevitable moment
that is always sooner than we like to think it is

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