Tuesday, June 2, 2009

on the road

i'm about to hitta the road out westward inn to parramatta then we spin south to the misty highlands and into the interior south as we plummet into melbourne and we'll do things during the day for it's the guitar factory tour and get back in the car getting back in the ship and off to tassie davenport with the icy bass strait midnight winds blowing us like icebergs floating in some intergalactic star water over and above the jupiter size and hopefully hobey's fun well there's the markets but its the drives outside that are the specials and up to lonnie for some cruising university town style and maybe a splash on the musico instrumentos and back up to boat our selves avec hyundai on ship and land in melby where we'll cabaret rock and take in some sights ad infinitim before coasting back to where the emerald lights and their wayward evils forever seem to beckon us and never let go......

i'm outta here ~ it'll be a great trip

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