Sunday, June 21, 2009

dump city

I don't know what came over me. Perhaps I was persuaded by a cast of thousands. More likely I was distracted and needed something to focus on.

So I went to an apartment display and put a holding deposit on an apartment that I've since reneged on and will be receiving my deposit back.

The apartment is in a near-new complex in St Peters, just off the Princes Highway, although this particular apartment faced the main road. It didn't have a shared wall off the living area, and combined with it being in a noisy area, I felt that a good thing if I want to play piano or guitar and sing without fear of disturbing neighbours. It was actually a fine apartment in its own right, and attractively priced.

But amongst many other things, do I want to be 40, 45, 50, and be singing to a wall while I pay off interest to a bank to be breathing in noxious fumes from the ground below and all of the nearby industrial crap of Alexandria???

To hell, No!

My God, what a nightmare I almost bought myself into...

And thankfully all my solicitor wanted for his services was to buy him a case of Belgian beer. He invited me to a tasting yesterday which was quite fun, and not the sort of thing I'd be doing unless I was invited to do so.

On the day of inspection - there were a few apartments available in the complex - I took a walk around the area. I crossed the highway and walked around the Alexandria/western side of the highway. I walked down this little street and along a fence that seemed to have rubble and nothing over its other side. What disturbed me as I turned a corner was a mound, up to about 10 feet tall, that I saw over the fence. It was covered in some light grass and spinifex. That which disturbed me was this, that the vibe or quality of the spinifex was outer-worldly, almost evil, and definitely toxic. It was not healthy at all. As I continued walking I came to an entry gate with a sign saying Alexandria Landfill. Oh.

Granted the apartment is walking distance from Enmore, and then Newtown. So what. I don't think I can even handle Newtown anymore unless it's the northern end. I need trees and greenery, and fresh air.

As for St Peters, yes there are some acceptable and even pleasant pockets of old single and double storey terraces strewn around the suburb. But even to this day, the suburb has a definable "beaten-down" feel. Some of it is downright evil. Two blocks down from where the apartments are is Mary Street where there is St Peters rehearsal studios. That is the most evil, horrible place I've ever been to. I used to rehearse with bands there occasionally and the area around the car-park is frightening. I don't know why. I'm not usually uber-sensitive to vibes but you do feel it around there. I've had three bits of bad luck in that studio and never wish to go back there again.

And there it is, up the road from the apartments as you approach Enmore is what is now Sydney Park. It's a relatively new park, it's what's used to be the brickworks where my father worked. The two long chimneys remain as landmarks. There's barely any fauna or flora in that park because I suspect not much can actually grow there. And I remind myself of a song I wrote some 14 years, 'Alexandria' where the words are, to begin with:

dump city
gasp a dose of the factory zoning pity
warehouse cubby-hole, mooncrater road
please just get me outta this dirt.

The roads have since been worked on and improved but really, the whole place is just fucking awful.

Sometimes I do things perversely to give myself a shock, so that the electric currents jolt me into a state of what I really want.

The entire south inner-west is OUT!!! The northern inner-west and west however is way more acceptable to me. Ideally Randwick is the optimal suburb but it comes at an optimal price.

For the moment I'll chill on it and maybe take another small holiday before going back to work. But what's still bothering me is that I remain haunted by the vibe of Alexandria and St Peters. I visited many haunted places in Tasmania but because the surrounds were so beautiful, the negativity was negated to a large degree. The aforementioned suburbs are really - to a large extent - just bog awful.

Tonight I'm playing bass with some friends at Kellys in Newtown. And suddenly the thought of going to Newtown makes me want to gag. It'll pass though, and it'll be fine. Newtown's ok - but I do know its history.

If I'm going to spend huge amounts of money on property - and you do need huge amounts to buy in Sydney - then I'd prefer to buy somewhere with foliage, clean air, space, and a garden to grow things. This reads, out of Sydney. So for now, forget it!

My priority now is to get that haunted, industrial feeling out of me, uggh!

And take another breather somewhere!

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