Monday, May 18, 2009

anatomy of timed illness

The anatomy of timed illness.

There I was, doing a Saturday shift at my wee library, my last shift for 8 weeks as I was about to embark on long service leave. At around ten minutes to one o'clock - my shift finished at 2pm - I turned to the person I was training and remarked quite suddenly that my throat felt uncomfortable. She told me it was my imagination and that I was fine, but I knew that feeling all too well. I knew that I was attacked with the bug and that it would lay me low. By the next day I was sneezing and wheezing and today, the first day of my long break, I had to cancel my recording session. But I don't mind. It was nice to have the rest, practice up some instruments, and read my book. And sleep of course. Sleep is good when you head's all fuzzy.

On the Friday night I went out with my co-workers for a library do. We went to this Italian style deli/fruitery in Mosman that doubles as a restaurant at night. Behind me were boxes of roma tomatoes waiting to be shelved. One outstretched arm away were the rack of sundowner apples ready for my grabbing and biting. I could see multiple jars of condiments along the wall in the other aisle, dried hanging peppers Italiana style, and a mouth-watering tub of homemade olive oil. I may add there was also a temperature controlled cheese-room with cheeses of all sizes and colours. Those big oversized cheeses impress me the most, they look like giant cakes.

I drank the red wine which I was in the mood for. Then for the heck of it we went on to bubbly. Champagne is all very celebratory but it doesn't mix well with red wine, and so I know and so I'm told but I tend not to think of it as any big deal. I could barely walk in a straight line when I embarked off the ferry at Circular Quay and it was cold and I wasn't wearing a thick enough jacket.

I didn't sleep too well at all. And as it turned out, the morning hangover I had miraculously morphed into a flu. It happened suddenly, with vicous stealth, attacking me and laying me low, and with impeccable timing. Work was finishing, vacation was commencing, and this nasty bug attacked me awfully.

People were asking me all last week, particularly during Thursday and Friday, if I was excited about the coming vacation. I had to confess I wasn't excited, that I was still in 'work' mode, and I was very busy anyway during those last two days of work. I felt very consumed at work on Thursday and Friday, as if I needed some outlet that couldn't be forseen until I was finishing work once and for all. One of the outlets was to mix red and bubbly on Friday. The second outlet was to let the steam shoot through me in the form of a throat-chest bug just as I was finishing up on Saturday.

It's lucky I take a lot of herbals. Today I feel a lot better and tomorrow I hope to land myself in Stewy's shed to record 'Secrets'!

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