Friday, April 24, 2009

writing ruhls

I was doing some shelving this afternoon, thinking ahead to writing a blog titled "righting rules". At the moment this thought came into my head I was shelving a book by Sarah Ruhls, so there you go, 'writing ruhls'! ;)

I'm halfway through my creative writing course. I don't know what to make of it, there are so many rules to writing yet there are no rules so what's the go?

I think with creative writing, either you have it, or you don't, and I come to the conclusion that I don't! I'm too didactic. I'm passionate and like to express my opinions, my passions, my loves, and on the flipside, I enjoy playing with words and being poetic and whimsical with my writing. Having said that however I do see myself writing some form of short story before long, although to start with, it will be based on my personal experiences.

I figure to persevere with the lessons and modules, and at the course's end, I'll go back to doing my own rule-less thing with writing. The difference being, however, is that I would have gleaned either consciously or subconsciously some new approaches and techniques to better whatever writing I wish to do. I will write a book for example. Will it ever be published?? Not too likely but you never know. What's it going to be about?? I don't know. Me, to start with, and hopefully I'll tap into my ... (wait for it) ... ((creative unconscious)) *thank you Diedre* and begin to spin lyrically on life the universe and everything. The possibilities are endless, but it won't be creative fiction, but then again, it could be, who's to know?

Beethoven made the rules. He wrote "you ass" in a book of harmony instructions. There are ruhls but there are no rules...yep!

...and, I can't wait to get back into more blogging after the end of the course, and to read everyone else's blogs more often!


veleska1970 said...

i remember having to do creative writing in one of my high school english classes. i didn't think i could do it, but i did and i got a good grade from it. and of course when i was in college i had to do quite a bit of writing, like book critiques and whatnot.

i would like to do some creative writing, but i just don't have the time. what a shame that is!!

ross b said...

Ah, time is always the factor!! :)

Strange, I'm doing a course on writing, and now I'm scared to write!! Ignorance is bliss perhaps ;)

It is a lot of fun though, to write. I think tonight I'm going to have a good crack at something.

Kinds, Ross


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